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Barb -- Healed and saved after 13 years of mental illness

Barb Healed and Saved After 13 Years of Mental Illness

When I was 22, my doctor said, "You will need to see a psychiatrist for the rest of your life." For 5 years I had been plagued with depression, had taken psychotropic drugs, and had been hospitalized in mental hospitals. After delusional thinking and a suicide attempt I was given shock treatments. Diagnoses ranged from major depression to schizophrenia.

By 1982 I had been sick for some 12 years. Four years earlier I had married Larry, a good man who loved me in spite of my condition. My twin sister Brenda and her family had started attending a new church. They often invited Larry and me to join them. Finally we went.

The pastor and two women in the church showed me verses from the Bible. They said all I had to do was repent of my sins and ask the Lord to come into my heart to be my Savior. They said that, just as a fisherman catches his fish then cleans them, so does the Lord. I was told God would accept me as I was. This seemed too good to be true.

For months we attended church almost every Sunday. On November 14, 1982, the pastor spoke of the sin each of us is born with and that in our own efforts we cannot redeem ourselves. Only the blood of Jesus shed at Calvary could redeem us.

Larry had committed his life to Christ years before, but had turned his back on God. That morning Jesus called him back. I was still too proud and stubborn to relinquish my sins to the Lord. I fought conviction and was miserable all day.

Late that Sunday evening I sat on the couch feeling lonely and convicted. In spite of my doubts I bowed my head and prayed: "Lord, Your Word says You will receive anyone who comes to You sincerely. Will You forgive ...?"

Before I finished praying, a physical sensation began at my feet and swept up through my body. It was as if the depression, anxiety, feelings of low self-esteem, and guilt were flowing through my body and out. I sat there like an empty shell, when immediately a warm feeling of peace, love, and forgiveness started at the top of my head and flowed to my feet. At that moment I knew I was saved, all my sins had been forgiven, and I had been instantly healed of 13 years of mental illness. I wept for joy. I went to bed with my Bible and hugged it all night.

Convinced that I was free, the next morning I disposed of my medications and canceled appointments with my therapist and psychiatrist. I have not experienced symptoms of mental illness, seen a counselor, or taken another psychotropic drug since that wonderful day -- November 14, 1982. Daily I'm reminded that the Lord is with me and that I am precious to Him. The guilt that plagued me for years is gone "as far as the east is from the west " (Psalm 103:12).

My illness began when I was 17. I was just beginning my college studies in social work. Thanks to God's saving and healing power, 18 years later I returned to college and achieved the social work degree that had eluded me. In addition, I was granted the opportunity to do my field practice at the same state hospital where I had spent a year as a patient.

I thank the Lord for returning me to health and letting me live a normal life. However, as dramatic as my healing was, the greatest miracle that occurred that day was not the healing of my mind, but the healing of my soul. It was the transformation from darkness to light, from death to life. I could claim the promise of spending eternity in heaven. No more did I have to hope I was saved -- I knew I was, for these things are written that "you may know that you have eternal life" (1 John 5:13). I live for the day when I will see Jesus face to face.

Christ doesn't take all problems away. There are still disappointments and struggles, but His peace goes with me and I have "a friend who sticks closer than a brother" (Proverbs 18:24).

Though Jesus' sacrifice at Calvary provided for physical healings too, they don't always occur. But a spiritual healing is guaranteed -- to anyone who asks.

Jesus offers the greatest miracle He can perform. Will you say yes to Him today?

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