I Used Eternal Security
As An Occasion To Sin

Brother Shaun

"Why Not, I Am Already Saved From Hell"

Peace be unto you in the name of God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. My name is Shaun and I am a 24 year old male who lives in ________. I was raised all my life in a Christian home, but was raised with the belief in eternal security. As a result of this, just like you mention on your site, I ended up using that as an occasion to sin. I figured “why not, I am already saved from hell, why should I worry about sinning?

After all sin is fun, that's why so many people have a hard time giving it up.” It wasn't long before I fell into the worst crowd, a life of drinking and partying, sex and drugs. Fortunately I never gave in to the pressure of drugs, but they were all around me.

When I was 22 I got involved with a girl and ended up moving in with her, living in a life of sin. The entire year and a half I was with her, I kept getting this feeling that if things didn't change, I was going to go to hell. This was rather strange to me having been raised with the once saved always saved doctrine. I knew that something was wrong with my walk with God. When I broke up with my girlfriend, I began seeking God, and through a miraculous healing, God got my attention and I started studying His word more and more.

Audio Testimonies Of Former Eternal Security Advocates

One day on my way back to my parent's house on my bicycle, I had only gone about a block from my friend's house when (pretty much for no reason at all) I ended up flipping head-first over my handlebars and landed on my left elbow, breaking it so badly about 3 inches below the elbow, that you could actually see the bone protruding through the flesh. It wasn't completely through the skin but you could definitely tell that it was the bone. I went back up to my friend's house for help, and they gave me ice for it. One of my friends was going to drive me to the hospital, but her husband suggested that they pray for me first. So they all gathered around me and prayed for me. The entire time I was sitting there thinking “Yeah right, I haven't seen God answer very many prayers in my life, why would He answer this one?” So they finished praying and my friend that was giving me the ride went to get things ready so she could drive me to the hospital. After about 5 minutes, I noticed that the pain had gone away enough that I could take the ice off it, so I did. The bone was still protruding out, so I got up to look at it in the mirror, and as I turned my arm a little bit, and it popped back into place very loudly *Snap!* and was healed, right before my eyes. The road rash and bruising were left unhealed, and I believe that was so that I wouldn't soon forget what God did for me, and so that my testimony would have more impact on people who could actually see that yes my arm had been injured. Two days after this miracle took place, I was working and lifting objects up to 100 lbs with my left arm, and in fact, I could carry objects that were too heavy for me to carry with my right hand (I'm right handed). So God had healed my left arm to be stronger than my right. I still have some scarring under my skin on my elbow, that hurts when I bump it against it something, and I believe that is something that God left me, so that I would always be reminded of His love and Mercy.

Through all my studying I found that the eternal security doctrine has no actual scriptural basis. I have since dedicated my life to serving God and to grow through studying His word, and to speak His truth to the many people who have been/are being deceived.

Eternal Security or Conditional Security?

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