Tim's Salvation

My Sin Blinded Me From The Truth Of A Conditional Security

I initially thought I was saved on September 1st 1979. I heard a gospel message and I believed it and experienced an emotional reaction as well as displayed a change in direction. One thing didn't occur though. I remained in my sin.

November of 2009, while chatting with my friend ___________ on Facebook I was confronted with this question from him; he said, brother Tim do you believe in holiness unto the Lord? My reply was YES I do. He then asked me the question; brother Tim do you walk in holiness unto the Lord? The reality of the opposite hit me like a car at high speed. I didn't want to lie so I told him that I needed to get off line and I would talk with him at another time. The Lord was dealing with me and I was under conviction. No one could see me there in front of the computer except for the Lord. I began to repent there and cry out for forgiveness and my eyes began to be opened for the first time. I determined right there that I am turning from every known sin in my life and walk in circumspect holiness unto the Lord.

I Was Told a Saved Person Could Be a Serial Murderer, a Serial Rapist,
a Child Molester, an Alcoholic or a Drug Addict

I had debated the doctrine of conditional security for nearly 30 years and now the Lord was showing me what the scriptures really said because I was not able to see this truth before I turned from my sins. Since that eye opening event occurred I have lost most of my friends and my siblings have written me off. I've had to confront an entire congregation of their error and I have received threats on my life in exchange. All of these things happened and I have the most perfect peace about them.

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