Devastated By Bible School Lies

Sister Theresa Praise Testimony

Hi Dan, thanks for the tremendous, I mean very tremendous work you do, and the extensive writings you put up on the believer's conditional security. Next to my Bible is your book and am advancing rapidly in deeper understanding of Biblical teachings of salvation.

Being a former Catholic myself, I was completely devastated when I got to the Bible school where I am now and discovered they believe in OSAS and that future sins are forgiven. Coming across your writings was God's immediate way of calming me down from terrible frustrations. Through your writings, I have been very bold to point out to students and teachers all the verses in the Bible that counter their false belief.

But like the Bible said, some people have been given over to a reprobate mind to continue to do the things which are not convenient. They believe that committing suicide and abortion and adultery etc,etc don't take anybody to hell if the once recited the sinners prayer. I even heard a teacher in class say that Judas Iscariot might be in heaven.

Any time I point out something they are doing wrong like Halloween party, they say am being judgemental. The church even had a YOGA event, teaching women exercise and meditation, and I know that YOGA is a type of religion associated with Buddhism or Hinduism.

At first, I was angry that God allowed me to come to the school, but now, I know that if I did not come here, I wouldn't have known that the majority of the popular preachers in America believe and teach this disgusting lie. They know me in the school that I speak out against their false teachings and they say am shallow minded.

Am writing this lengthy note to let you know that your works are making GREAT IMPACT and I believe that just as the lie of OSAS has destroyed the faith of many, through the grace of God, the truth of the Bible which you have extensively discussed in your writings will as well restore the faith of many. Pls, pray that God will give me a breakthrough into Radio and Television. I want so desperately to let the world know what I have learnt so far from you. Thanks for mailing out the tracts which I requested.

Keep up the good works and I faithfully believe that all the finances you need for your work will be coming forth. I follow you as you follow Christ on the road less travelled.

SHALOM, Your sister in Christ, Theresa

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