Out of Catholicism, Then Calvary Chapel
and Into PRECIOUS Jesus

Sister Susan

I Was Taught Lie Upon Lie In Church

My upbringing was Roman Catholicism and I also attended parochial school for 9 years in New Jersey. My family were adamant churchgoers every Sunday as well as all the feast days.

Once I left for college, I fell away from the Catholic church. During those 13 years of attending the Catholic church I never heard a priest or anyone encourage us to read the Bible, nor saw anyone ever teach from the scriptures other than during the reading at church on Sunday.

After finishing college, I relocated to southern California for work and lived for SELF for over 10 years. In my early thirties, I was invited by a neighbor to "See what God is doing at Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa."

After attending Calvary Chapel for a few months, I accepted "the alter call to come forward, prayed the sinners' prayer, and had believed I was saved. I listened to Chuck Smith, Greg Laurie, Chuck Missler, and others for 15 years and believed the lies (OSAS, Pre trib rapture, total depravity, divorce and remarriage...).

After attending Calvary Chapel for almost 15 years, I started reading and studying the Bible for myself. I read you CAN lose your salvation and that God created man perfect; in the image of God and we chose to sin from our youth.

I got born again at 47. Praise Jesus. I got saved out of the false church system by reading the Word of God. Praise the Lord.

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