Former Gang Member
Who Turned To Jesus

(Testimony written by another)

Delivered From Gang Activity Through The Lord Jesus Christ

______ is a former gang member, drug dealer, drug user and gangster in Texas. He was in many shoot outs with other gangs. He once was beaten almost to death. He and his gang were in a fight with another gang. When everybody took off running, he stayed to fight. Three guys came at him with two-by-fours and a steel pipe. As he swung he slipped. The others started beating him on the head with the weapons they had. As soon as they heard the police, everyone took off, including him. When he got to his friend's house, he did not even know his head was split open. He says God protected him from dying. He says he had lots of anger inside; he would go into rages when he fought.

He would use, PCP, cocaine, crack, freebase, marijuana, inhaled spray paint and gas, Ecstasy, roach pills, acid -- almost anything he could get his hands on. He became very addicted to drugs by the age of 13, especially to cocaine, crack and marijuana. He started drinking when he was 12. He could get large amounts of it. He was getting involved with serious drug dealers.

Lots of his partners that were in the gang got over 50 years in prison for murders and other crimes. He was the first to go to prison from the gang as a youth. Then, later when he was around 19 years of age he was facing 8 years for a fight he got into, where the other person (also a known gang member) got seriously hurt. And a couple years after that he was facing 5 years prison for a drug related crime where he had in his possession marijuana worth $30,000.00 street value. He was getting very depressed.

One day he had been snorting and smoking cocaine for three days in a row. He says he heard the devil tell him to get rid of his life. He had been crawling on his knees, paranoid with a .22 automatic cal. pistol. The devil wanted him to put it to his head. He remembered "the Jesus" he had read about when he was locked up in Texas. He started calling on Him. He said,

"Forgive me Jesus. I am tired of this life. I have money, drugs, but not peace. Help me God, I need you. Take this life from me; I am tired of it. I hate it. Help me please; I need you. Do whatever you want with me."
Bam! Right there and then the Lord saved him from his misery, made him free. He was lost but is found in Jesus. Jesus took the depression, suppression and oppression.

You can be free also. Call on Jesus today and you shall be free indeed. ______ met a Christian girl who would pray and fast for him and took him to the church. They are married and have three beautiful children: a 3 year old girl, 2 year old boy and 1 year old baby girl. Praise God!


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