Miracles of Healing

"The Lord Hath Kept Me Alive" (Joshua 14:10)


Cindra's Near Death

God Still Heals Today

On December 11, 1954, we were blessed with a beautiful baby, Cindra Frances. In the summer of 1955 we were returning home from the Frankfort Pilgrim Holiness Camp meeting to our parsonage at Beech Grove, Indiana. We were going South on State Road 421 and approaching State Road 32. My wife was driving and I was holding our daughter, Joy, on my lap. Cindra was six months old and was sitting in the seat between us.

A lady driving her car was traveling north toward us and just as we reached the intersection of highways 32 and 421, without any warning, the lady in the other car hit us head-on. My wife Frances broke the steering wheel with her mouth and received a crushed spinal injury.

I reached out to hold Cindra as the collision took place but the force of the impact threw her from me and she landed on the dash of the car, hitting the right side of her head, and then rolled from the dash to the floor and then up under the dash. Her head dented the dash of the car and swelled to approximately two times the normal size. She was taken to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis. We were told that her skull was fractured the complete length of the right side. The pediatrician by the name of Dr. Roth examined her and told us the fracture was serious and said one of three things would happen:

  1. Her head would be permanently enlarged.
  2. She would be mentally affected.
  3. She would die.
I had always believed in divine healing and had heard it preached all my life as well as having been healed of asthma. Therefore, I very much believed that God could heal our bodies regardless of the medical problem.

My wife and I went into the bedroom of the parsonage where Cindra was lying in her baby bed with an enlarged head and very sick. We stood at the end of her bed and together prayed for her healing. We believed God to heal her for His glory as we prayed for her. Upon finishing praying, when we opened our eyes God had heard our prayers, honored our faith and had instantly healed her even while we prayed. Her head which had been twice the normal size when we began praying, had at the end of our prayers, returned to completely the normal size and she was well in every way. Praise God!

  1. Cindra does not have an enlarged head!
  2. Cindra is not mentally affected!
  3. Cindra did not die!
She has always been an excellent student in school. Cindra was a member of the National Honor Society, graduating from college with summa cum laude. She has written and published articles and is presently a missionary with her husband, Paul Easley, in Central America. We praise God for His perfect healing power!

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