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* God healed me of hypoglycemia 6-15-99 (JenniferMW)

* This is what makes prayer all worth it! This thrills me and makes me want to pray all the more! Cindy I have asked for prayer for my brother Bobby. I would like to reiteriate a little. My brother was told he had less than 1 year to live and he had to have blood transfusions each month. The doctors told him there was no cure. This last Friday he went to the doctor for his regular check up and the doctors kept doing test on him. They were stumped. His blood count normally stayed at 11% (dangerous leve), well his blood count went up to 87% and the doctors said his body was starting to produce its own blood again and they couldn't find the disease. They don't know why this is happening. I'm sure you all will agree with me in realizing God healed my brother from a disease the doctors were for sure would take his life. Thank you all for praying! I thank the Lord for watching over and healing my brother!

* In these last few months a friend's unsaved father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He had surgery that partially removed one lung. He lost his voice because of the surgery, but after a few weeks' recovery regained his voice. We have prayed for his salvation all during this. Two weeks ago he received God's free gift of salvation! Glory, honor and power to the Lord God, the Almighty, Who was and is and Who is to come! Rip

* Thank you so much for your prayers for my 80 yr old mother. The bleeding from her bowels stopped Saturday, and she was able to come home today, Monday, May 18. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! God Bless You All! Also, thank you for your prayers for my 29 yr old son. He writes from prison that he is now reading his bible faithfully and attending church. I love you all ...... wherever in the world that you are. I hope to meet you in heaven one day and hug you all. Thank you again and PRAISE THE LORD!

* I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers for my friend Regina, she had a biopsy done today and the pathologist said that everything looks fine and she should be able to go home within the next hour or so!

* I am wanting to praise our God thank all of you for your prayers in behalf of Maurice. He did have triple bypass surgery 4/15. The surgery went well. It only took 3 hrs. instead of the drs. projected 4-4 1/2. I left the hospital about 4:00 pm & all seemed well @ that time. He probably will not be released much before the weekend due to the 200 miles we are from Lincoln.

* Norman from Zimbabwe sent a prayer request a while back. He lost Internet access for a little while, but now he writes: May I testify to you that That same night I just got delivered before I even knew you had actually set man and women of God to prayer all over the World to uphold me in prayer. I was surprised to realize in the morning that the previous night I had got my healing, and that's the time these brethren were on prayer for me. Thank beloveds, may all the Glory be given to the Lord our healer.

* Hi friends, A quick note to let you know that God answered our prayers!!! I will be having the bone scan done tomorrow. And, the approval process for the surgery is only going to take days instead of weeks! And, the doctor prescribed Percocet for me and told me if it doesn't work he'll prescribe something stronger. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. Our God is an awesome God! Winnie

* God is soooo good!!!! The surgery went quickly for my daughter, Caitlin. At the minimum, they were figuring a 2 hour surgery. It only took 45 minutes! It was quick and easy. Of course, the Lord was guiding the hands of the surgeons! She was in recovery for only two hours and we then got to take her home! Within two hours of being home, she was pretty much back to her old self. Crawling, playing, laughing, smiling ... my husband and I can only thank God for all of this. We give all the glory to Him for getting us through this situation with peace and ease. Thanks team, for all the prayers!

* PRAISE GOD OUR HEALER!! Thank you all for praying for 8 year old Katie. She is the girl who was kicked in the forehead by her horse. This morning (Sunday) Katie was is a coma and was diagnoised as being paralyzed. This evening about 6:00 we she was up walking around her hospital room and now the doctors are saying that there is no brain damage. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, & forever. Please continue to pray for Katie and her family; they need salvation.

* Chong asked that [we] share his praise with those who have prayed for him in the past! He was offered the opportunity to return to his former company which he had been praying for almost since he changed jobs last August. He is being sent by the company to a plant in the North Carolina to solve some problems. He will be there up to two months -- he had hoped to be able to go for two years, but even two months is a blessing! All this happened so quickly that planning for the trip has been a whirlwind! He wanted his wife and two children to travel with him but getting a visa was very difficult largely because the U.S. Embassy in his country is only available for calls about 2 hours per day. However, the visa came through -- 2 days before they are to leave!! Chong's depression is lifting and he is doing much better. He has recently been able to sleep without using a sleeping pill.

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