The Power of Prayer is Miraculous

Dan Corner

Prayer Power is REAL

The power of prayer to God (and only God) is ever-real for the righteous! Throughout Scripture we are encouraged, even commanded, to pray for healing and miracles and not to give up (Lk. 18:1).
Since our battle is really a spiritual one, we must FIGHT with spiritual weapons or we'll suffer defeat after defeat! The power of prayer is one of these spiritual weapons. In Col. 4:2 we read, "DEVOTE yourselves to prayer." (The future will be better for you and your loved ones, if you DEVOTE YOURSELF TO PRAYER. Remember, PRAYER CHANGES THINGS. The power of prayer is nothing short of miraculous!)

The devil will attack us with doubt when we pray. To help in this battle against doubt, look up the following references and notice how one, lone person praying changed the circumstances! (Your faith will grow as you ponder these Scriptures.)

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Power of Prayer Scriptures For Just One Person

Important Listing Of Prayers To Pray DAILY

Final Power of Prayer Gems

Remember: PRAY or you and others will be PREYED upon! Prayer, in faith, to God (and only God) is shown through scripture. That means you should NEVER pray to Mary, the saints or angels, as Catholics do. God alone is almighty and we can go boldly to the throne of grace for help and mercy (Hebrews 4:16). God wants us to pray and rely upon him. Remember: the power of prayer still works today.

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