Cindra's Near Death


The year 1955 had been a year of major medical problems for us as a young married couple in the ministry and the parents at that time of two daughters. We had the car accident in 1955 previously mentioned relating to Cindra's skull fracture and the spinal injury by my wife Frances.

My wife had a spinal fusion operation in October 1955 as the result of our car accident. The surgery required that Frances be in a body cast from her shoulders to her knees and be bedfast for three months flat on her back without a pillow. I was taught by the Methodist Hospital orthopedic medical staff how to turn my wife every two hours on her stomach and two hours later on to her back for twenty-four hours a day for three months.

Our two daughters were both in diapers at this time and Cindra was not weaned and was still on a bottle. I was very busy taking care of my wife, two babies, fixing meals, doing the laundry, pastoring the ____________ Church and pursuing my ministerial study course.

I took my wife back to the Methodist Hospital in December 1955 to have the body cast removed and for her to be taught how to walk again. Frances was dismissed from the hospital shortly before Christmas and returned home to the parsonage.

On January 1, 1956 our family was in my study and I had commented to my wife that the year 1955 had been a hard year and that I hoped that 1956 would be better. I had no more than made this remark until we heard Cindra coughing and strangling in the living room. Our parsonage was heated with an oil heating stove and there was a leak in the carburetor of the stove. We had put a tin can under the carburetor to catch the oil. Cindra had picked up the can with oil in it and had taken a drink. She was choking and could hardly breathe. We rushed her to St. Francis Hospital in Beech Grove but they did not know how to treat her. They called our pediatrician, Dr. Bertram Roth, and talked to him of her condition. She was unconscious by this time and Dr. Roth told us to rush her to the St. Vincent Hospital where he would meet us. We rushed her by ambulance to St. Vincent Hospital ... where she was admitted. She was immediately x-rayed; both of her lungs were affected and the kerosene had caused her to have double pneumonia. She was placed in an oxygen tent and the doctor told us there was nothing else that could be done. He thought it was doubtful if she would live through the night.

I phoned Rev. R. G. Flexon and told him her condition and prognosis and asked him to pray and he said he would. Also, I called others and asked them to pray. She had become conscious but was very weak and could not lift her hands. At that time they did not permit parents to stay overnight with children so we had to leave and go home. We returned to the hospital the next day. The oxygen tent had been removed and Cindra was sitting up and playing in her bed. The nurses were so amazed and told us a miracle had taken place and that they were talking about it over the hospital.

We were told that she would have a problem with a cough and would have problems with her lungs. Cindra coughed only briefly and has never had any reoccurrence of her lung problems.

We again praise God for sparing her life and for her complete miraculous healing.

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