Eternal Security Exposed And
Refuted on Radio

Dan Corner

Eternal Security Exposed and Refuted (mp3)

The Raging Battle and Hate Connected
With A Conditional Security

In this radio interview on eternal security, you will again observe that it is very hard, at times, to get the eternal security proponents to admit what they really believe about a Christian being wicked and immoral. It was very difficult to get the radio host to admit to this, especially after she tried to sanitize her own version of eternal security to make it appear more sound than it is. She reluctantly did admit to it though.

It seems that I was muted at 22:00 after I showed her she was teaching a license for immorality and gave her a warning for doing so. After that point, my comments were overlooked and I was completely ignored as far as a response and an opportunity to comment on the callers who sided with the host. Hence, I must have been muted. (The host said she thought David didn’t lose his salvation over adultery and murder. The eternal security male caller agrees with her dangerous understanding of the Bible.)

The final caller ended at 25:40. After that point, you will again hear several excerpts from our dialog that will show the contradictions in eternal security theology. Such contradictions are typical and do not just refer to this eternal security proponent.

You can sense the intense spiritual struggle for truth and souls in this interview. Please seriously consider joining us in our spiritual battle for precious eternal souls. We need your continued help. GOD BLESS YOU.

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