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Catholic Deception Abounds

If you are acquainted with Roman Catholic beliefs and the message of the Bible, you are aware of the irreconcilable serious differences between the two and lethal Roman Catholic deception. Some areas of Catholic deception are lesser in significance and will not be cited here. On the other hand, some Catholic deception is clearly related to salvation.

It is important, especially for Catholics, to know about the most serious false teachings they have been taught so they can make the vital needed changes and find the only salvation the Bible offers. This teaching will show indisputable proof why Catholicism is false.

Catholic deception is very common in our day. Without doubt, there are millions of Roman Catholics, past and present who have accepted the following Catholic church errors to their own harm.

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Born Again At Infant Baptism

Roman Catholics are dangerously taught they were born again at infant baptism. That single Roman Catholic deception alone has surely been responsible for hundreds of millions of Catholics going to hell over the centuries.

Folks, if you think you already have what is needed to enter God's kingdom, you won't be trying to find it. In their minds, Catholics think they got this when they were babies, without repentance and faith in Jesus. The truth is, one gets Biblically born again only when he turns away from his sins and places his faith in the Lord Jesus to the point of dedication and commitment. The concept of infant baptism is not found anywhere in the Bible and is one of the glaring errors in Catholicism.

Receive Christ At Communion

Roman Catholics also dangerously think they receive Christ when they partake of the communion wafer (Eucharist). This false and deadly Catholic dception is the result of the bogus idea that the communion elements (bread and wine) have been transubstantiated by the priest into the literal body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. This has also led people into the worship of the consecrated communion wafer as one would worship God himself. Hence, the fruit of this false doctrine is also idolatry, a soul-damning sin. The truth is: one receives Christ when he believes on his name (John 1:12). This is another way of saying when one turns from his idols to serve the true and living God (1 Thess. 1:9). No one receives Christ in his mouth, then swallows him to be digested.

Jesus' Water Into Wine Miracle

Claims Jesus Founded Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholics wrongly think their church system was founded by Jesus on Peter the first pope. The superiority the Roman Catholic Church claims for itself comes from this fallacious concept, which has led people into increasing error especially as Catholicism has drifted further and further into darkness over the centuries.

Most Catholics are not aware of the Catholic doctrine lies that were added over the centuries or that certain popes were denounced as heretics by other popes. The whole idea of a papacy itself is unscriptural. After Jesus spoke Mt. 16:18, Peter was not recognized as the chief Apostle among the Twelve. Mk. 8:29 is the parallel account to Mt. 16:18. Less than one full chapter later, the disciples were arguing which of them was the greatest (Mk. 9:24). Hence, they didn't understand Peter to be the chief. See also Acts 15 where Peter did not preside over the Jerusalem church council.

The false supremacy of the Roman Catholic church has led to Catholic divorce -- the deception of annulments. That in turn has led to adultery (Rom. 7:2,3).

Catholics Think Mary is Our Life, Sweetness and Hope

Roman Catholic errors extend to declaring Mary is their life, sweetness and hope and openly proclaim her as such when they recite the Rosary, which they say is the epitome of the whole gospel. The idea that Mary could possibly be our life, sweetness and hope is impossible, according to the pages of the New Testament. Catholicism has erected a false Mary, which has a primary role in people's salvation. Such has misled many sincere people. The truth is: Mary plays absolutely no role in our salvation. For one to become Biblically saved, he will have to place all 100% of his faith (a submissive faith) in the Lord Jesus or he will be damned. This means you cannot trust in being a Catholic, the sacraments and/or Mary along with the Lord Jesus. You must trust in Jesus alone (100%). That implies a turning away from your sins.

Had Jesus wanted to exalt Mary the perfect time was at Luke 11:27,28, but he didn't (while just the opposite occurred). However, who Jesus did exalt as the greatest was John the Baptist, NOT Mary (Mt. 11:11). Moreover, had the Lord's apostles wanted to exalt Mary they surely would have done it as they wrote about prayer, salvation, redemption, receiving grace, protection, etc., but they never did. These are the real facts about Mary's importance, but are you willing to believe them?

Catholic Deception - Saved By Wearing The Brown Scapular

Catholics think if they die wearing the brown scapular they will not suffer the fires of hell. Such a teaching is so strange that it is hard to believe anyone would accept it, but this is what Catholics have been taught. Such a teaching also reflects the spiritual inabilities and darkness of the Roman Catholic magisterium, that is, their hierarchy for allowing this dangerous concept to be taught as truth.

Sacraments and Salvation

Catholics think the sacraments are a means of them receiving grace needed for salvation. Because Catholics have been taught this way, they are trusting in the sacraments for salvation instead of the Lord Jesus as the Bible declares. Such a false teaching has also placed the Catholic in the mind set of thinking he must remain in the Catholic system to go to Penance and get communion (Holy Eucharist), which they also think should be a priority. Sadly, in the Catholic's mind it is salvation only through the church meaning the Roman Catholic church.

Catholics Confess Sins To Their Priest Instead of God

Catholics confess their sins to a priest instead of to God (Psa. 32:5; Hos. 14:2). This false concept goes back again to the false authority the papacy (and its priesthood) claims for itself, then to their so-called sacrament of reconciliation. The Bible speaks of a royal priesthood for all believers (1 Pet. 2:9). There is no unique priesthood with the ability to forgive sins. We can go directly to God, without a priest or Mary and get forgiven, if we go in repentance, sincerity and humility (Luke 18:13,14).

Fatima Catholic Deception

Catholics who read and believe the Fatima Visions are dangerously thinking that Mary is our refuge and the way that will lead us to God! That is one of the foremost Roman Catholic deceptions of all. There is no way to calculate how many sincere people have been misled by the fabricated Roman Catholic Our Lady of Fatima. Catholicism has one looking to Mary for his refuge and the way to God. Such a Catholic deception of that magnitude is a sure way to miss God's paradise kingdom and end up in hell. God is our refuge and Jesus is the only way to God (Psa. 16:1; John 14:6; etc.).

Roman Catholic Doctrine - False Hope of Purgatory

Because the Catholic Church teaches the purging of sins after physical death in the fires of Purgatory, many Catholics are only hoping to get there and afterwards make their way to heaven. Folks, there is no such place as Purgatory. We can only get cleansed from our sins by contacting the holy blood of Jesus Christ when we repent and have faith. After getting born again, we must forgive others who sin against us (Mt. 6:14,15) and confess the sins to God (1 John 1:9).

False and Sinful Way To Love Jesus

Catholics have been lethally misinformed about how to show their love for the Lord Jesus. Catholics wrongly think they show their love for Jesus by bowing before an image (they think is of him) and kissing that image. The truth is: we show our love for Jesus by obeying his commands (John 14:15), and bowing before images is disobedience and idolatry (Exodus 20:4-6). Besides, statues and pictures of Jesus and Mary are nothing more that what some artist created, with many being incorrect scripturally and breeding more Roman Catholic deception.

Charismatic Catholic Deception

Too few know that the Charismatic Catholics
embrace typical Roman Catholic beliefs, though they may also talk in tongues. Remember that point. Furthermore, it has also been reported that in Charismatic Catholic churches, at times, prophecy is spoken in the name of Mary, that is, it is a thus saith Mary declaration.

Beyond Roman Catholic Deception

For any person, Catholic or non-Catholic, to benefit by the vital truths about salvation, as found in the Bible, it will take a sincere and humble heart which loves and wants God's truth. The clear message of salvation as found in the Bible centers around Jesus Christ. We must have a faith that will loyally following him until death for an entrance into God's kingdom. (There is no once saved always saved.) Please make copies of this important teaching on Roman Catholic deception and pass them on to your Catholic friends and family. Their souls are in the greatest danger because of Roman Catholic teachings and the deceptions that go along with the Catholic beliefs. GOD BLESS YOU.

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