Catholic Priest Denies
His Own Doctrine on Mary

Dan Corner

As I have stated before, it seems somewhat common for false teachers to flatly deny the very teachings they believe when it is convenient to do such. You will hear, if you click on the link below, an actual dialog with a Catholic priest, who does this very thing (and craftily tries to avoid the obvious points I was making from the Bible).

Summary Of Our Dialog

The following summary of our dialog is not word for word but is the gist. (Also, at times you will hear a third person speak who is also a Catholic. He often tries to drown out my words by speaking after I start.) Here is the written summary of my dialog with this Catholic priest. The following written summary starts after about 17 seconds into the audio:
Click here to listen to Catholic priest.


DAN: Is it not true that the Roman Catholic church teaches today that Mary is “our life, sweetness and hope”?

PRIEST: What do you mean by that?

[COMMENT: I asked a simple question which he could have and should have unhesitatingly answered with a “yes” but instead answered with a question to me after a long pause!]

DAN: Well, simply as the rosary would say: Hail holy queen, mother of mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. How do you understand that declaration that Mary is “our life, sweetness and hope,” as stated in the rosary?

PRIEST: Mary is the Mother of God because she bore Jesus Christ, who is God. How do you be the mother of God?

[COMMENT: That is not what the Catholic church means by proclaiming her as “our life sweetness and hope.” He tries to downplay their idolatrous position at this point.]

DAN: Does the Roman Catholic church teach that we get to Jesus by first going to Mary, who is the mediatrix and dispenser of all graces? And that we should trust in Mary and call upon her at the hour of our death?

PRIEST: Do you know what you’re trying to do? You are trying to make Mary God and she’s not.

[COMMENT: I’m not the one “trying to make Mary God.” If teaching such as: “we get to Jesus by first going to Mary, who is the mediatrix and dispenser of all graces; that we should trust in Mary and call upon her at the hour of our death” is making Mary God, then he has just stated indirectly the Catholic church is doing this very thing because this is what they believe. See these articles Papal Salvation Through Mary and Alphonsus Liguori ]

DAN: I’m only asking is this what the Catholic church is teaching?

PRIEST: It is not at all what the church is teaching. When you quote things out of context that is what you get. What the Catholic Church teaches is that Mary is the Mother of God. Because she is the Mother of God she holds a place a little higher than the rest of us in the human race.

[COMMENT: The Catholic Priest denies the teachings of Roman Catholicism and tried to conceal it when it is not convenient to admit to such.]

DAN: Didn’t Jesus say my mother and brothers are those who hear God’s word and put it into practice? Anyone who puts God’s word into practice (is on a par with Mary, according to Jesus).

[COMMENT: Part of that is what I was unable to speak because of being interrupted.]

PRIEST: The Church teaches Mary is the first among humans because she bore Jesus and holds a place of special honor because of that. Because of that Mary has Jesus’ ear. It’s not about making Mary God and that is not the Catholic church.

DAN: Correct me if I’m wrong: Did you not just say that Mary is “blessed” because she bore Jesus, who is God?


DAN: What do you do with this?

As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, “Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you.” He replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:27,28)

[COMMENT: He couldn’t answer Luke 11:27,28. He wanted to direct attention away from it to a passage which Catholics use to exalt their fabricated sinless queen of heaven and co-redeemer.]

PRIEST: Let’s go to Luke 2 and see what that says. You can’t take a single little piece and try to make a theology out of it. You have to take in the whole of the gospel. What does it say about Mary in Luke 2?

DAN: That she is blessed or full of grace. What are you getting at? What does that mean that Mary is full of grace?

PRIEST: One would have to be full of grace and without sin to bear Jesus.

DAN: In Acts 6:8 Stephen was a man that was full of grace and power, so he was one up on Mary! Mary was only full of grace, but Stephen was full of grace and power.

Priest walks off at this point and says you don’t want to listen. You want to argue. At the same time the Catholic standing nearby starts to talk.

DAN says to the priest: That’s Acts 6:8.


May God help all people to learn the truth of the Bible and go by its teachings. GOD BLESS YOU.


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