Sovereignty Of God

Dan Corner

What Is The Bible Truth About The Sovereignty of God

There should be no controversy from Bible believers regarding the sovereignty of God. After all, if he is almighty (and he is), then he would have to also be sovereign. He sits on his throne and reigns over the universe, which he has masterfully created.

A theological dispute has been created by Calvinism over the sovereignty of God because they deny man's free will as taught in the Bible. They actually think that would make man sovereign and not God! So, does the sovereignty of God allow for man to have free will? ABSOLUTELY. If not, then we are all robots, programed to believe, do and say certain things, including sinful things! That would make Judgment Day a joke and God ultimately responsible for man's sin, which is ludicrous.

The truth is, the true and living God, who will forever reign, allows for man's free will. We can obey God to our advantage or disobey him to our spiritual demise. Calvinism, or the so-called doctrines of grace, has misrepresented these basic truths about the God of the Bible and distorted his image. They have a warped view of God, sin, salvation, grace, etc. WHY? It started with their founder, John Calvin, who was not nearly as Scripturally sound or godly as many think. Question: If John Calvin was so godly, how could he ever burn Michael Servetus at the stake over his doctrines? Answer: He couldn't. John Calvin's reprehensible actions are clearly not the way Christians are to act, based on the New Testament. NOTE: If you go to hell, it will not be God's fault. Please know: the Sovereign God does not predestine anyone to go to hell.

Jesus, the YHWH of The Old Testament

Was Jesus mistaken at John 5:37 or could there be another explanation regarding who was heard and seen as God in OT times?
The Almighty God

The adjective "Almighty" is found many times in the Bible and is used only in connection with God.
YHWH, the Killer God

YHWH is the holy God of love yet He has another attribute which very few seem willing to contemplate or address - he is a killer.
God Tests Us

There are many characteristics of the one, true living God that many are totally unaware of, but of all of them, the fact that God "tests" us in many different ways, as He did those in Bible days, is perhaps the most enlightening. Though denied by some in our day, this indisputable fact that God tests us was readily known in both Old Testament and in New Testament times.
God's Faithfulness

In our day, God's faithfulness to us has been distorted and greatly over-emphasized. The real issue is not God's faithfulness to us, but our faithfulness to Him to the very end of our lives.
Fear God or Enjoy God

There appears to be a growing trend among evangelicals that Christians are to "enjoy" God while, at the same time, there is a de-emphasis on fearing God. Should Christians fear God or not?

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