Acid Test Question To Spot
A License For Immorality

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Acid Test Question To Spot a License For Sin

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Do you know about the acid test King David question? The acid test King David question is very revealing! WHY? Because our day is filled with religious deception, even from those who are allegedly teaching holiness! We need a simple bible test (or spiritual litmus test) to identify a license for sin. Furthermore, the truth is: the semantic trickery that many pastors/teachers/etc. have been using for years enables them, with ease, to ambiguously state something and thereby mislead others regarding their true doctrine on salvation, grace, sin, holiness, etc. The most effective way, therefore, to smoke out such a deceiver like that, is to bring up the acid test question to spot a license for immorality. Unless you do bring up the pointed acid test question, a practiced deceiver can easily slip by unnoticed!

NOTE: From experience we have learned guilty parties like to hide and reluctantly, if ever, answer the acid test question about King David. There should be no hesitation in answering it.

The Actual Acid Test Question About King David

The ACID TEST question to know a license for immorality is:
Did King David lose his salvation while in adultery and murder and BEFORE he repented — yes or no?
The Biblical answer to the acid test question is YES. David did lose his salvation. (Afterwards he got saved again.) IF any person (even one who does believe salvation can be lost) says no you can be SURE he is speaking for the devil and spreading a license to sin, even though he will surely deny it! This cannot be overemphasized. If he answers the acid test question, “yes, if he wouldn’t have repented,” he is teaching that King David retained his salvation while in that wickedness and is also teaching a license for immorality. Such a wicked deceiver is also confusing the issue by answering that way, because he answered a different question and not the one he was asked! The question was not, "Would King David have gone to hell if he didn't repent?" The question was "Did king David lose his salvation while in adultery and murder?" The difference is great and allows for a license for immorality, especially when coupled with the hellish belief that one must "practice" adultery or "practice" murder to be a Bible-defined adulterer or murderer.

According to the Bible, it only takes one act of adultery to be a Bible-defined adulterer (Lev. 20:10) and only one act of murder to be a Bible-defined murderer (Numbers 35:16-18). Sometimes heretics say such proves that type of person was either a false convert or would lose his salvation only at the point of practicing sin! The latter being the sometimes message of the hypocrite David Servant. A righteous person, who turns to evil, dies spiritually when he turns to evil (Ezek 18:24; 33:18; etc.) and before he dies physically (Lk. 15:24; James 5:19,20; etc.) Be alert. License for immorality teachers can be tricky and highly deceptive! They don't like being exposed as such.

If any ministry or congregation refrains from answering the acid test question about King David, they are trying to hide their ungodly allowances for sin. For example: We have tried for years to get Ray Comfort to answer that simple but revealing question and to this date, he has never answered us! Be assured Paul Washer doesn't want to answer it either!

It is NOT just the eternal security proponents, like John MacArthur, Charles Stanley, John Piper, James White, Matt Slick, Bob George, Dave Hunt, June Hunt, Hank Hanegraaff, and many others, who are teaching a license to sin and distorting grace. Some who claim to teach holiness are doing the same thing! Because this issue is connected with grace and salvation, this is of utmost importance. The King David question is very revealing and vital. It is the acid test question.

To say King David did NOT lose his salvation is to teach indirectly that a person previously saved can turn away from God to that degree, like he did, and remain saved. That, at least, allows for adultery and murder and salvation all at the same time, which is Biblically impossible (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Rev. 21:8; etc.).

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The Secondary Acid Test Question About Peter

There is a secondary acid test question. It centers around Peter disowning Jesus (Mark 14:29,30). That actual question is:
Did Jesus DISOWN Peter when he disowned Jesus -- yes or no?
To say Peter didn't lose his salvation when he disowned Jesus is to also say a Christian can disown Jesus 3 times and fall away (Mt. 26:31-34), yet retain his salvation. Again, that is not a Christian teaching for Jesus will disown one who disowns him:
But whoever disowns me before men, I will disown him before my Father in heaven. (Mat 10:33)
To deny Jesus will disown such a person is a dangerous distortion of the Christian image. Do you remember the important acid test question regarding King David (and Peter)? Commit them to memory and use them often to smoke out opponents of the true gospel message and grace of God. Be assured that you do NOT have to practice sin to lose your salvation. It can happen with certain transgressions by just one sin, according to Scripture. The acid test question from this bible test is most revealing in our day of spiritual deception!


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