Spiritual Treason and Tolerating Jezebel
For Selfish Gain

Dan Corner

Ecumenical Compromise And Spiritual Treason
Tolerating Jezebel

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Tolerating Jezebel Is VERY SERIOUS!

Spiritual treason and compromise are terrible violations of Scripture, but are so common in our day that they basically go unnoticed and unreproved. Most church people have been desensitized to them even though it is so harmful. That destructive duet and temptation primarily targets so-called spiritual leaders, but any Christian can go astray to that extreme! Tolerating Jezebel type people is always detrimental.

WOW! This Is What God Says About The Grace Changers!

In the natural, imagine how disastrous it would have been for Joshua's army, and therefore Israel, if any of his soldiers (especially his military leaders), were working with the enemy—the leaders in Jericho! Such is nightmarish to entertain as a possibility, but if that extreme would have occurred, Joshua would have to quickly stop such treason, to the disgrace and probable death of the transgressor(s) for the sake of the entire operation. If success would be achieved at Jericho, it would take faithfulness to the cause, which includes recognizing who the enemy is and treating him appropriately. The enemy is the enemy. The enemy is never a co-laborer. The enemy can't help. He's the problem. To co-labor with or support someone who is the problem, or part of the problem, is to become part of the problem too and endanger the entire mission. Furthermore, the indirect message conveyed to all observers of treason, if treason is left unchecked, would be that the enemy camp and his actions are not so bad and neither are those acts of treason.

Spiritually speaking the vital lessons are the same. There is spiritual treason among those who are supposed to be in the army of God. There is spiritual compromise for selfish gain. In our horribly apostate day, spiritual treason and compromise for self gain is widespread, while faithfulness to God (for the sake of truth and SOULS) has virtually vanished because the price is considered too costly. To remain faithful and not fraternize with the enemy will mean no gush of popularity and acceptance, which will bring in the finances and additional influence. Instead the increase will be among people who can't understand or actively oppose such a faithful warrior for SOULS.

It Is For Our Own Good To Keep Away From Them

Many know about the ecumenical compromise among evangelicals with Catholicism, but almost nonexistent are those who recognize the DEADLY influence of compromise with the grace changers, that is, those who change the Bible meaning of grace to allow for immorality. That includes not only those who believe in eternal security, but even some who reject it, while saying even King David (when in adultery and murder) didn't lose his salvation! Co-laboring with or endorsing such an enemy of the real gospel of grace will help spread their venomous poison unnoticed, especially among babes in Christ.

This is NOT an In House Debate

Tolerating Jezebel

To work with an enemy of grace will always be ruinous in the end. It is irrationally insane and unscriptural to think lasting good can come out of it. How could someone with a false gospel and counterfeit grace message (who is also responsible for deceived people on the road to hell to think they are on the road to heaven) be a suitable co-laborer or even be tolerated by one who is Biblically sound and walking in the Spirit? Again, what does spiritual treason and compromise say about those who are involved with it? Jesus condemned it:

Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants into sexual immorality and the eating of food sacrificed to idols. (Rev 2:20)

Notice the following observations:

Even tolerating such dangerous false teachers is serious to God

Jezebel-type teachers, through their false doctrines, deceive Christians into soul-damning sins!

All one has to do to transgress in that way, according to the Greek is to permit or let alone such dangerous teachers. So, VERY FAR beyond that serious offense is working with them. In our apostate day, various such Jezebels are embraced, endorsed and exalted by many in an influential position, who declare the opposite plan of salvation! This is fact as shocking as it may sound to some. The spiritual treason in our day is unparalleled. People who should know better are helping teachers who mislead God's servants into sexual immorality! The victims of their disgusting spiritual treason are precious SOULS.

For example, for a Christian who knows OSAS is false and yet endorse Dave Hunt ministries and/or Ray Comfort living waters, etc. just two of the many once saved always saved teachers, is to be involved in this! Besides the obvious confusion in that is also the indirect denial and rejection of Scriptural truth about the grace changers. The Holy Spirit was crystal clear about those who change grace into a license for immorality.

This Is How God Sees The Grace Changers

Among other details, Jude wanted all to know the disturbing facts about how God views them. They are:

condemned and godless (v.4)

speak abusively against what they don't understand (v. 10)

have rushed for profit into Balaam's error (v.11)

shepherds who feed only themselves (v. 12)

twice dead (v. 12)

blackest darkness has been reserved for them (v.13)

follow their own evil desires (v. 16)

divisive and do not have the Spirit (v. 19)

Those are the real facts, regardless how popular or even how sound such people may be in other doctrinal areas not related to grace. Not even one complimentary thing was stated about them by Jude. They are the enemy of grace and, therefore, of salvation itself. They are nothing better than a dangerous enemy, who Christians are commanded to battle against, according to Jude. For any minister to befriend an enemy of Biblical grace is treasonous to the Biblical message and damaging in the battle for SOULS.

Remember this: A treasonous and compromising person is also a major part of the overall problem. Such a disgrace has made it harder to identify the enemy and recognize the lethal dangers in their teachings about grace, which leads to immorality. All of that allows such lethal spiritual poison to spread.

What could possibly motivate a teacher who knows eternal security is false but who also works with people who teach it like Comfort, Hunt, etc.? If Ray Comfort ministries and Hunt were small no-names, do you think such compromise would occur? If not, then the apparent reason is for some kind of ministry advantage, perhaps manifesting in a larger influence over people, more finances or some other end result. One thing is certain. SOULS are definitely jeopardized by such demonic compromising actions. Ministry has never been a popularity contest. Christians are in a battle for truth and righteousness and to battle in this way is not easy. But regardless how hard it might be, things need to change to benefit SOULS.

Remember: NO ONE should endorse or promote a grace changer or a treasonous person who is co-laboring with a grace changer. To do either is to help spread the very doctrinal poison Christians are commanded to contend against (Jude 3,4) plus to share in their wicked work (2 John 9-11). Avoid all forms of spiritual treason and tolerating Jezebel.


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