Calvinism's Clashing Messages

Dan Corner

Calvinism Conceals What It Really Believes

Five Ways To Easily Expose Calvinism As A License For Immorality
One of the most disheartening aspects about Calvinism is how the proponents sometimes try to conceal what they actually believe, but readily teach what they have denied to believe at other times, under different circumstances! I have seen this over and over throughout the years regarding their fifth point: the perseverance of the saints. To be more exact, Calvinists detest being shown that their theology is a license for immorality. They will vehemently deny that this is so and try to distinguish their own understanding of grace and saving faith from others, who also embrace eternal security or once saved always saved. At such times the Calvinists will insist that holiness is their message and if one turns to wickedness he was never really saved or had a false conversion. But never forget -- they also have a completely opposite message to this claim -- one that is a license for immorality.

Calvinism's Foundational Message

There are at least five ways a Christian can easily expose Calvinism for what it is, that is, a license for immorality, just like anyone teaching once saved always saved. Ponder these points carefully:

1. Calvinism will teach that King David stayed saved while he remained in unrepentant adultery and murder. NOTE: Calvinists do not say David was never really saved to begin with because he turned to such wickedness. They will never say David had a false conversion because he backslid like he did. Hence, their version of grace is really a license for immorality just like any other eternal security teacher. It is not necessary to proceed to any other proof, though more can be offered.

2. Calvinism interprets Rom. 7:14-20 as the Christian life. They seem to enjoy citing Paul's words when proclaiming their security-in-sin gospel:

For what I do is not the good I want to do; no, the evil I do not want to do—this I keep on doing. Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it (Rom. 7:19, 20).

That same lethal interpretation is also revealed when they cite the following to support how wickedly sinful Paul, the Christian, supposedly was—thereby implying all Christians will likewise be overcome by sin as he was. They want us to think Paul was a wretched man (Rom. 7:24) because he was controlled by sin and hence the chief of sinners (1 Tim. 1:15).

They declare that deadly interpretation in stark contrast to the many Scriptures that teach how holy, righteous and blameless Paul (and his co-laborers) lived. For example, ponder the following:

You are witnesses, and so is God, of how holy, righteous and blameless we were among you who believed (1 Thess. 2:10).

This is all under their version of grace and salvation. Eternal security's Christian, therefore, can be one that is addicted to sin such as pornography, in contrast to Mt. 5:28,29 and Eph. 5:5-7. Hence, Calvinism's version of grace is a license for immorality just like any other once saved always saved teacher.

[Please see the book, The Believer's Conditional Security, pages 206-212 for a much more detailed answer showing Paul lived an exemplary life in holiness.]

3. An example of Calvinism's version of the sin unto death could be a Christian who turns to wickedness, remains unrepentant until God finally kills that vile person and takes him to heaven. There is absolutely no enduring to the end in the way of holiness for such a person as they, at other times, teach to confuse the issue. Hence, their version of grace is a license for immorality just like any other eternal security teacher.

4. Suicide is nothing more than self-murder. Calvinists, just like all the other once saved always saved teachers, openly proclaim that if a previously saved person murders himself, he will go to heaven. They are, therefore, teaching unrepentant murderers (suicides) can be Christians. Hence, their version of saving grace is a license for immorality just like any other eternal security teacher.

5. The official doctrines and creeds by which the Calvinist draws from and abides under declare that an elect person can temporarily fall away, but not finally and permanently fall away. Of course, all during the time that their Christian is in a fallen (backsliden) state he supposedly remains saved and a possessor of eternal life. Hence, their version of grace is a license for immorality just like any other once saved always saved teacher. There is no essential difference.

Never Saved Confuses The Issue

Summary Of Arguments Against Calvinism

Calvinism teaches, part of the time, that a true Christian can be wicked, vile, ungodly, unrepentant and die in that condition and still enter God's Paradise Kingdom, as just shown. It is only under certain circumstances that a Calvinist will teach one was never saved and only had a false conversion if a professing Christian turns to sin or wants to sin. They are shamefully inconsistent and confused by their own doctrines.

Calvinists are also dangerously oblivious to these Scriptural truths: (1) a real Christian can die spiritually; (2) a saving faith can cease to exist (Luke 8:13), become shipwrecked (1 Tim. 1:19,20), be destroyed (2 Tim. 2:18); and (3) we can know who is truly saved and who isn't, even though we cannot see another's heart (1 John 3:10; John 13:35; etc.). Spiritual death for the righteous who turn to evil is a FACT! This deception, lack of understanding and double message in Calvinism is a definite mark of false doctrine, but sadly it has also confused the issue(s) and helped to blur the real identity of this popular and dangerous counterfeit.

May all Christians boldly proclaim the truths found in the above five areas, which reveal the license for immorality that Calvinism really is. Dear Christian, if you endeavor to do this, get ready for their never really saved holiness smokescreen teaching, which should now be easy to answer, since that is only their occasional response. Please pass this information about Calvinism on to your family and friends before anyone else gets deceived by their teachings. NOTE: The author of this article (Dan Corner) is very willing to publicly debate any qualified Calvinist on the subject of eternal security alone at or on an impartial forum—such as in a church building or on a TV or radio station. (Tell your Calvinist heroes about this challenge.) GOD BLESS YOU.


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