Eternal Security
Promotes Suicide (Murder), Part II

Sister Kaprice

I Almost Committed Self-Murder!

I just read your paper on self murder. A little over four years ago, I used to believe in eternal security. That was just the way I was brought up. I remember everyday I would do something that was not pleasing to the Lord and I would briefly say, “sorry Lord forgive me” then do it again the next day and believe if I just said sorry I was okay with God.

My junior year in high school the year of 2004 I woke up in the morning with so much anxiety and just fear I went down stairs just crying. I literally felt like I was going crazy. My mom tried calming me down. I sent her to get something for me out of my car. When she walked out. I went to my kitchen and grabbed a bottle of pills and I remember just looking at a handful of pills in one hand and holding a glass of water in the other, hearing a voice in my head saying “just do it!, if you do, all your troubles will go away” so I swallowed all the pills. Next thing I knew I was in the ambulance being rushed to the hospital for what I did. I praise God that I did not die that day. If I did, I know I would be in burning in hell regretting that day. Praise Jesus for His mercy and grace.

Read Eternal Security Promotes Suicide

To read and/or listen to the sad George Sodini story of multiple homicides and his own suicide, click the video link at the Rick Knapp Gets The Skull and Crossbones Award. (Knapp was a former pastor of Sodini's who taught him that even a mass murderer who was once saved will go to heaven.)

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