Eternal Security
Promotes Suicide, Part 1

Dan Corner

Below is an actual experience that occurred in a church which changes grace into a license to sin. As you will read, this Calvinistic doctrine promotes self-murder. It also has broken up many homes over adultery and caused multitudes to be damned. After reading this email, you should fight harder than ever against this demonic doctrine. It is spiritually dangerous as well as physically dangerous in this natural world.

Though the following testimony/experience occurred inside a Southern Baptist congregation, please do not think the same does not and has not occurred in more Calvinistic churches such as John MacArthur's which embraces all 5 points of John Calvin's heresies. The truth is: ALL churches, groups, ministries, etc. that deny a righteous person can die spiritually over one act of murder (which is what suicide is) are doctrinally wrong and DANGEROUS TO YOUR SOUL.

Hopefully, the person who sent this in, and all others who attend such a congregation, will leave immediately and stop sharing in its wicked work (2 John 9-11). God bless you.


Hello, I am __________ and I spoke with you on the phone about two suicides that happened in my church. I attend a Southern Baptist Church .... I have only one complaint. His [pastor’s] belief on suicide is that there is nothing you can do to separate yourself from the love of God. I beg to differ with him on that subject as the devil found a way to be separated himself from God by choosing against him.

As I told you on the phone, we had a young man in our church who said he was saved and that he believed if he committed suicide that he loved Jesus and he was sure he would still be saved when he died. We had a Sunday school teacher saying, “Nothing we do could separate us from the love of God, not even suicide.” I stood up along with only one other sister and challenged that statement with the fact that if we continue in our sin we are not saved at all. He came unglued, along with the young man I mentioned earlier. This same young man drove his truck into a pole, up at Mt. _________ a month or so later. This made huge waves in our church. It was sad to go through.

The pastor and this Sunday school teacher told the four children left behind, and our whole congregation, that their dad was now in heaven. I was sick to my stomach as I do not believe that you can kill yourself, leave four grieving children, a grieving mother, and all his so called friends behind, and still be in heaven. It was like slapping God in the face or so he tried too. I believe he is in hell no matter how bad I wish I didn’t believe that.

Approximately three months later, the pastor’s own grandson decided to kill himself also. The same lie was told: He is in heaven.

I am appalled that a church would lead anyone to believe that you would still be saved even if you kill yourself. If for no other reason you would not want to start a mass suicide plan on your congregation. This is also one of the reasons that I do not believe it is from God to pull something like that as I am certain this is not the God of the Bible. Honestly, who’s voice does it sound like?


Eternal Security Promotes Suicide (Murder), Part 2

Murder Suicide Because of Eternal Security

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