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Dear saint, if you are interested in learning how to do more for God and at the same time help more SOULS find salvation, please read carefully and act. Jesus said:

Do you not say, "Four months more and then the harvest"? I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest. (John 4:35)

Though the harvest fields are ripe with souls, many who want to do more for God are letting precious opportunities slip through their fingers. Those opportunities are gone forever, but don't despair, Lord willing, more will come your way. Note these passages:

Be very careful, then, how you live -- not as unwise but as wise, making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil. (Eph 5:15,16)

Be wise in the way you act toward outsiders; make the most of every opportunity. (Col 4:5)

It is shockingly easy to make more of an opportunity to help SOULS around you. Here is one of the chief ways we do that and have been doing it for decades. We distribute salvation literature wherever we go, and you can easily do the same! Not counting specific missionary trips, we distribute gospel tracts at the grocery store, post office, bank, restaurants, doctors, public restrooms, etc. Because our gospel tracts are Biblically sound, important spiritual things will happen. Sometimes spiritual eyes are closed and sometimes they are opened. It depends on the hearts of the recipients, but Christians need to do their part. We have all been entrusted with the gospel. Hence, you need to get involved in evangelism too.

The following is one of hundreds, or better yet thousands, of experiences, which occurred because of handing out our Christian literature, but could have been easily missed. A very strange conversation occurred.

Bear Good Fruit or God Will Cut YOU From Christ And Into The Fire YOU Will Go

On The Way To Buy Groceries

While walking from the car to go inside a grocery store, I handed a gospel tract containing the plan of salvation to a woman. Shockingly, one of the first things she said upon receiving it was:

I believe Jesus was a pot smoking hippie, who had multiple wives.

In over 30 years of soul winning and encountering many different types of people, I never remember anyone ever saying that before! I asked her, what was the basis of your statement. She was speechless. She could offer no proof.

It seemed that is what she wanted to believe and that was good enough for her. I told her Jesus was the sinless son of God and is deity, according to the only solid evidence that exists (the Bible). I further added that she was in the greatest danger that exists and she had just blasphemed by saying those untrue things about the Lord Jesus.

I found out she was raised Catholic but was studying to be a Buddhist. Her view of the Bible was that it has to be accepted merely by faith and that is all any religious person has regardless what their belief might be. I mentioned that is not true and stated the Bible MUST be the word of God just based on the primary evidence -- both the many fulfilled prophecies and the law of probabilities.

I asked her if she knew what the law of probabilities was and she said yes, but didn't seem to know as I explained it. The law of probabilities would say if 1 out of 20 males had a mole on his face and 1 out of 10 men were shorter than 5 feet 5, the chances that a male having such a facial mole and being shorter than 5 feet 5 was 1 out of 200. That being said, if one would examine the detailed prophecies about where Messiah was to be born (Micah 5:2), how he would die (Psa. 22), why he would die (Isa. 53), the time frame of when he would die (Dan 9:26), etc. coupled with the law of probabilities, that that alone shows we are dealing with a Bible which can NOT be anything other than of divine inspiration, unlike all the other so-called holy books. After sharing the above kinds of things she said truth was subjective. I responded:

If someone said, we are not standing in front of this grocery store in this town at this moment, but insisted it was in another state and attached the phrase that truth was subjective, what would you say?

I answered that for her, by saying:

You could answer there is clear proof that we are here in this town now. Streets, various businesses, river and highway intersections, etc. all prove our location. The evidence is clear. We are ONLY here and not in some other location. Similarly, that is how we KNOW the Bible is true and what it says about the afterlife and forgiveness are factual.

I mentioned that hell was a place of eternal conscious torment for the wicked dead (unsaved people) and cited the Bible as the ONLY reliable source for spiritual truth. She seemed to be thinking. Shockingly, she described herself as spiritual. I responded:

How can you be spiritual since you blasphemously think Jesus was a pot smoking hippie who had multiple wives? Instead of your view of Jesus, he is the ONLY way to the father and your ONLY hope of salvation and forgiveness.

After giving her several other types of gospel tracts, I walked away. That unique witnessing opportunity opened up, only because I first handed her a salvation tract in a parking lot. It could have been easily missed. Many other unusual conversations have likewise transpired over the years. Only God knows what kind of good occurred afterwards.

Sound tracts alone, with no verbal witness, have done much good over the years. To just distribute them without conversing with anyone will help. Even leaving them around in public places can be fruitful. Even if you are the shyest person in town, you can personally help win the lost people in your area of the world by doing this. It is easy and effective. Don't be afraid or discouraged. You can do it and will get better over time. Sound gospel tracts can be very conveniently ordered from our website or you can print free gospel tracts from your computer printer any time!

Souls are perishing all around us, yet easy opportunities to help needy people are everywhere. Give this some thought and surely the Holy Spirit will help you think of some places you can get gospel literature out to others. People need hope. Many are discouraged and suicidal. It is becoming more apparent that this life doesn't have much to offer. Let's help the lost and encourage Christians around us by spreading God's truth to others. It will help them prepare for death and their inevitable Judgment. Now you know how to do more for God, but will you? Reach out in Christian love to the needy. It is God's will to spread his word. Tract evangelism is very important.



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