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God bless you both! I thank the Lord first and foremost for what He has done having offered Himself on the cross that we can be saved and be set free from sin!

I just wanted to take some time and thank you from the bottom of my heart. What a tremendous blessing your ministry has been to my life, and my wife's life. We both have read " the believers conditional security" I even download your messages on to my mp3 player and take it to work with me. I work ... in the mornings which gives me hours to listen while I do my ... work. To be able to listen to sound biblical doctrine at work is such a blessing, especially when people around me ask "what are you listening to?" It opens up so many doors to tell them the good news of Jesus, about repentence, holy living, judgment. Some have been so interested that I have brought them "salvation plain and simple".

Sadly christianity today is in shambles, nobody preaches nor teaches the truth, all have itchy ears, turned aside to myths, I constantly have to listen to "you can't judge", "nobody's perfect", when proclaiming the truth of God's word. Everybody makes an excuse for sin, and an unwillingness to be truly broken before a Holy God.

Your internet church and website is our church at home, along with bible studies of our own: how important it is to be rooted in the bible everyday. I truly believe that those who are seeking God with a good and noble heart, without preconceived denominational ideas, who just thirst for only the truth of God's word at whatever the cost, will find your ministry a gold mine. Anyone who makes you look inwardly, makes you examine yourself, interprets scripture with scripture, who's teaching helps you to be more guarded, and who's teaching promotes actual examples on how to live holy for the Lord, deserves a fair shake to say the very least.

Thank you bro. Dan for going to such great lengths in exposing the "in sin" false gospel of eternal security. I pray to the Lord for mercy on those who have been decieved, despite the fact that He has raised up a godly man to refute it with an over abundance of scripture (which they claim to read).

May the Father of mercy and God of all comfort bless you, and may the angel of the Lord encamp around you and your wife.

"With love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and sincere faith," your brother and sister in the Lord,

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