Dave Hunt of The Berean Call EXPOSED

Below are details about why I, Dan Corner, couldn't have a particular debate with Dave Hunt on the subject of once saved always saved.
This information has nothing to do with the mini radio debate I did have with him and is available on our shopping cart.
Read the details below, as I explain the real truth about what happened, which he (Todd) brought up to me:

Dave Hunt Needs To Heed The Berean Call Himself

Dear Todd:

Greetings in Jesus' name.

Thank you for sending a copy of the letter you received from The Berean Call (TBC) so that we could address the misleading statements and half truths contained therein regarding a debate with Dave Hunt. (Copies of all pertinent letters from Dave Hunt and others are on file here.)

In November of 1996, Dave Hunt was issued an open letter from Dan which reads,
"I openly challenge you to a public debate on the believer's security. This would be one of the best ways to reveal that eternal security is not a Bible teaching at all, even though Scriptures, used out of context or unrelated, are often cited for support. This teaching, that you defend as part of the Christian faith, is not only a lie but has changed the holy image of Christianity by stating that people previously saved can afterwards be openly sexually immoral, drunkards, greedy, etc. and still remain saved!"
(This open letter is also available on our website www.evangelicaloutreach.org and in our 801 page book (second edition), The Believer's Conditional Security, which refutes once saved always saved or OSAS.)

In February of 1997, Dave wrote, leaving it up to me to find a radio show which would host a debate. Dave asked that I let him know what I was able to arrange and some dates when a station would be willing to host such a debate. Dave gave me the phone number of Cherie Johnson, who handles his schedule and left it up to me to work out "a mutually acceptable time for the debate."

I had difficulty finding a radio station willing to host a debate, so I wrote to Dave in April of 1997 asking that his secretary help with the arrangements (an easier task for Dave, since he has many radio contacts that could easily arrange such a debate if he really wanted one).

Dave Hunt Gets The False Teacher's Award

TBC's Executive Assistant, Maurine Kish, wrote in May of 1997 and stated that it was up to me to make the arrangements. Through a string of events, Dan Harting at Mt. Carmel Outreach (MCO), a ministry who has hosted debates in the past, was contacted about a debate between Dave Hunt and myself. MCO contacted Dave Hunt to arrange the debate. In June of 1997, Harting of MCO informed us that he spoke with Dave's office and was told that his schedule is "incredibly full in the near future" and "he is in the midst of a new book," but that "Sherry" at his office "will speak to Dave about the debate on eternal security, and see if he can possibly arrange a meeting." Harting of MCO wrote that he "shall await his [Hunt's] reply." This was Dave Hunt's chance to debate, since a place was now arranged, but Dave Hunt backed out by apparently not replying to Harting.

In July of 1997, I contacted Dave to convey my excitement that MCO was coordinating the debate and that something was at last being arranged. No further letters were ever received from TBC about this debate, which MCO was willing to host and attempted to schedule.

Dave Hunt seemed willing to debate on the subject of eternal security until a location was arranged and coordinated, then he suddenly became too busy and was writing another book, things he is continually doing anyway. But NONE of this other information about Harting and MCO was sent out to you, and perhaps many others, which totally distorts why we didn't debate! So, for Edwin Newby of TBC to state to you in his letter dated 1/18/99 that "nothing further has developed" [since I was told "the ball" is in my court through a past letter] is deceptive, as the Harting/MCO event did develop, which they apparently have swept under the rug.

In October of 1998, I again wrote to Harting at MCO since they were planning their "Defend The Faith" Conference with Dave Hunt, John Ankerberg, Jim White, Robert Morey and others. Again, I restated my desire to debate Dave Hunt on OSAS:

How disturbing it is for Christians, like myself, to see that these men who are speaking at this conference and are "experts on the cults" all believe in the teaching of once saved always saved (OSAS).

The four men previously named were all contaced by me to debate this issue, yet these experts have either ignored me, confused the issue or in some other way put me off from a public debate on the believer's security. Again, I am most willing to debate these men on the issue of the believer's security. They are teaching a grace message which is, in reality, a license for immorality. And as a Christian, I am commanded to contend against their view of grace (Jude 3,4).

Furthermore, these same men believe OSAS is linked to the gospel and the atonement of Christ, yet in spite of all this, they still will not debate me! You have sponsored other debates from your ministry on various subjects. Yet these great, experienced debaters won't contend for their faith with somebody like me who believes in a conditional security. Please let these men know that I am still willing to debate them on the issue of the believer's security.

Dave Hunt's Dangerous Misrepresentation Of Arminius

Todd, as you can see, Dave Hunt is like other OSAS proponents, that is, not willing to go into the debate ring on this subject with me, but doesn't want it to appear so. Perhaps our evidence for a conditional salvation is just too intimidating for him to specifically deal with.

Although Dave Hunt may claim to "defend the faith" he is proclaiming and defending what Jude commanded Christians to contend against -- a "gospel" which changes the grace of God into a license for immorality. He and others like him must continue to be refuted with Scripture for the sake of truth and eternal souls. This I will endeavor to do till my last breath. May the Lord raise up thousands of others, for multitudes of precious souls hang in the balance.

Finally, I am still very willing to debate Dave Hunt (and the aforementioned grace changers). But they are the reason we didn't already debate, not me. Let the record be so stated.

God bless you and thank you again for sending us the TBC letter so we could respond to it.

Defending The Faith,
Dan Corner

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