Believing in the Doctrine
of Lost Salvation

It is just the best feeling in the world

I have never felt the need to contact any forum/web site before ... It is just the best feeling in the world to have read your notes on once saved always saved. I feel amazed that we are not alone in our beliefs as I was told to go back to Scripture as I clearly did not understand them. I was also told that my views were heretical and dangerous for believing in the doctrine of lost salvation....I haven't been to church for three weeks. People started to look at myself and my family as freaks. We were told to stop asking questions. I am so utterly grateful to your site for giving me strength. I have no idea where we will go now. I thought all evangelical preachers preached the same message but you have given us hope again. We are desperate to be among Christian brothers and sisters and to be baptized. We will continue on the road. God bless.


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