Trying To Stop Pornography

An actual letter and our response.

The Slavery, Bondage and Controlling Power of Sin

Hi i dont know how to start this off but I need your help!! I have been having trouble with pornography. I have been trying to stop but whenever I try to stop I go right back to it in one or two days!!!!!!!!! Please help me. I don't know how to stop and I need help!!! I always try to be religious and I am part of a religious youth ministry, but I never tell them any of this because of the fear that things might get weird around here. Please help me out!! Signed a kid trying to stop.

Bible Answer: GOOD NEWS! We know how you can get free from that horrible sin and stay free. You have to get Biblically saved [and then stay strong]. To do this drop to your knees and mourn before God because of your wickedness. Tell him that you know you deserve hell and will go there unless you receive his mercy and forgiveness. Ask Jesus to save you and sincerely tell him you will serve him all the days of your life. Turn from all your sins and read through the New Testament and change accordingly. ALL have been freed from their bondages to sin by becoming a Christian. It will work for you too. GOD BLESS YOU.

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