Internet Porn

An actual letter and our response.

The Slavery, Bondage and Controlling Power of Sin

[The following email is repeated as we received it. Our response is beneath it.]

hi my name is _____, im 14. I've tryed to stop loking at porn over the internet. when im off i have no erges to look at porn, i even say to my self that good will help me to over come all tempations. so during the time im not on the internet i dont think about porn. but when i want to download a song or do some home work, i dont have control over me any more. iv tryed to stop and just watch porn for only 1 day a week but then i go back to 3 days a week. i dont no what to do help me.

[Bible Answer: There is one sure way you can get free and forgiven of your adultery from lusting. You can get Biblically saved. In other words, drop to your knees and sincerely ask God for mercy for your sins and tell Him you will stop this vile behavior with His help. After you do that and TRUST JESUS 100% FOR YOUR SALVATION, destroy any porn you have in your room, locker, etc. and avoid it like the plague. It would be less dangerous for you to play with a live rattlesnake. You MUST live holy to escape hell and enter Godís kingdom. THIS IS VERY SERIOUS. Have you read this information we have on porn? Please write back in one week and tell us how you are doing. GOD BLESS YOU.]

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