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Once a child of the devil, but now a new creation in Christ;
Purchased with the blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God sacrificed.
Previously dead, lost and blindly traveling the road to hell;
Then I found the gospel truth and, humbly, to my knees I fell.
[2 Cor. 5:17; 1 Pet. 1:18,19; Eph. 2:1; 2 Cor. 4:4; Rom. 10:13,14]

From death to life, and from darkness to light, it all happened so fast;
No longer bound by my sins - set free by Jesus and what a contrast.
My purpose to live now is to impact souls, the most important task of all;
Pointing others to the PRECIOUS Lord Jesus and to heed his ominous call.
[1 Jn. 3:14; Acts 26:18; Rom. 6:22; Jn. 8:34-36; Acts 4:12]

Imagine a Paradise, available for all who follow the King to the end;
Being faithful to God til death, your eternity does surely depend.
Absolutely no sin or person is worth being thrown into the fiery lake;
So, do the will of God, because your very soul, and that of others, are at stake.
[Mt. 10:22; Rev. 2:7; 2:10,11; Mk. 8:36,37; Rev. 20:15; Mt. 7:21; Luke 8:21]

The price paid to redeem me was infinitely greater than I could ever know;
My sins were like scarlet and crimson red, but I was washed white as snow.
No valuable Leonardo da Vinci painting ever cost as much as me;
To become God's possession it took Jesus' blood, as he hung on the tree.
[1 Pet. 1:18,19; Isa. 1:18; Gal. 5:24; Col. 1:20]

God views me now as his treasured possession and I'm also Jesus' holy Bride;
It's worth any price to have eternal life though your family may divide.
Overcomers will eat from the tree of life, which is in the paradise of God;
And people, who are dead in their sins, will persecute you and find you odd.
[Mal. 3:17; Rev. 19:7; Mt. 10:34-38; Rev. 2:7; 2 Tim. 3:12; 1 Pet. 4:4]

I found rest for my soul and peace with God when I repented;
That was the best move I ever made - one that I never lamented.
To escape hell and see God you must die spiritually pure in heart;
For one day, maybe sooner than you think, you too will surely depart.
[Mt. 11:29; Rom. 5:1; 2 Pet. 3:9; Mt. 5:8; Jn. 7:6]

Get ready now, and do not ever take even one single chance with your soul;
Jesus said, keep seeking first the kingdom of God, and that's to be your top goal.

So, endure hardship, and walk in faith and holy love, with eternity in mind;
Remain alert and guarded, and try your best to save the dead, lost and spiritual blind.
[Mk. 8:36,37; Mt. 6:33; 2 Tim. 4:5; 2 Jn. 6; 1 Pet. 5:8,9]

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