Various Bible-based Christian Poems to Enjoy

Here is a wonder list of Christian poems that are all Bible based. Sometimes, people will be helped with a Christian poem in a special and lasting way. May that be the result of all who read over these poems, verify them scripturally and change accordingly. Please pass them on to others to help and bless them too:

The Vaccine Mark of the Beast Poem

The Mark of the Beast is coming and this poem is a good summary of relevant details. NOW is the time to carefully look into the details, because it is unstoppable. Spread the word to others.

The Jesus Loves Me Song is DANGEROUS

Jesus Loves Me is a popular "gospel" song, which has been around for many years and sung by surely untold millions. The melody is beautiful and often the singers are most talented, as they sing out the lyrics, a type of musical sermon, which is very misleading in its message, even to the point of being spiritually LETHAL. Find out WHY.

The Mary Fantasyland Poem

This is an eye-opening Christian poem for Catholics to read, ponder and verify with their own Bibles. It contrasts the real Mary mother of Jesus to the Catholic fabricated Mary.
The Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego and Courage Poem

When it comes to Godly COURAGE in that face of death, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego of Daniel 3 were GREAT EXAMPLES. Check out this POEM and note the similarities when the Antichrist comes to the forefront.
The Untold Christian Life

Many WRONGLY think being God's child and walking in love means the Christian life will be easy.
My Authorized KJV Poem

This is very informative Christian poem related to King James Version of the Bible.
The Death Poem

DEATH is something we all observe in others, if we live long enough. Furthermore, we will all experience (Heb. 9:27), but will you be ready? Check this out.
The Lives of God's Prophets and Servants Christian Poem

This Christian poem is LOADED with Bible truth from the Old Testament mostly regarding God's servants and prophets and what their life was like, as they served God. This would make an excellent study just by looking up the references.
The Heaven Poem

By far the most encouraging topic to study from the Bible is Heaven. But too bad so many have been misled by it to the place they are thinking Paradise is an absolute, when it isn't. Good verses.
The Devil Poem

Your real enemy is the devil. He's been battling you your whole through, but too many don't know how or even what to do to help themselves. Get the truth in poem form.
New Creation In Christ Poem

At the point of getting born again, one becomes a new creation in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). Print out New Creation In Christ Poem
The Daniel Prayed Poem

The prophet Daniel certainly knew the POWER OF PRAYER and he prayed three times a day to God for help, even when doing so appeared to be a sure death sentence. Daniel feared not praying more than the lions. Print out Daniel Prayed Poem (pdf).
The Remarriage Adultery Poem

Besides the obvious wickedness which gushes over the nations, remarriage adultery is not as obvious but just as DEADLY.

IF you are lost this should make you seriously think about DEEP REPENTANCE, especially at this late hour.
The Grace Changers of the Eternal Security LIE Poem

The devil's masterpiece LIE is Eternal Security also known as Once Saved Always Saved. This poem hits that heresy between the eyes and exposes it for what it is -- a major tool of the devil.
The Soul Winner's Poem

Are you a soul winner? IF not, something is certainly wrong. Check this out and be encouraged.
Bitten By a Wolf

The Christian poem on Jehovah's Witness, Bitten By a Wolf is loaded with information for all who want to know more about that unique FALSE belief system.
The Hell Poem

The most horrifying doctrine to study in scripture is what happens to those who die spiritually impure. The lost are not going to party, like some say. Read this and be stirred.

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