The Grace Changers of the Eternal Security LIE Poem

Christian Poem Written by Dan and Cheryl Corner of

Christian Poem: The Grace Changers of the Eternal Security LIE (pdf)

A Bible-Based Christian Poem To Be Read In All Bible Preaching Congregations

The grace changers have prevailed, as Jude did dread.
The money now gushes their way as their distortions are spread.
The devil rejoices as their lies continue to flood;
Seemingly exalting the cross and Jesus' blood.

Their poison tastes sweet as profusely it does gush.
The ignorant eat it up and enjoy the sinful rush.
Being deceived, they live it up and grin,
Believing heaven is guaranteed, while addicted to sin.

We must hold on to what we have or lose our soul.
Christians can fall from grace, according to God's scroll.
The real gospel says we can believe in vain.
We must endure to the end or suffer fiery pain.

They slipped in among us, but now they do rule.
Wake up and repent - don't be like a stubborn old fool.
They are ungodly and mostly unrecognized, as they tickle the ear.
Leading church goers to hell, as true preachers they smear.

Sin is no longer the issue to them, in contrast to God's word.
To teach such shows it wasn't the God of the bible they heard.
Their grace distortions are deadly, even denying we are to be afraid.
Their illusions oppose such exactitude because they are manmade.

Their smokescreen never saved false convert sometimes answer
Is selective, crafty and confuses the issue -- a deceitful type of cancer.
Righteous King David once fell to adultery and murder and thereby spiritually died.
That is the Ezekiel 33:18 truth which needs to be magnified and not opposed or denied.

Their portrayal of a Christian under grace is a horrible distortion, not a real true saint.
They believe there are Christian adulterers and drunks -- it's enough to make you faint.
Legalism, heresy, cult and works salvation are among their name calling.
Their false and strawman misrepresentations are dreadfully appalling.

Warn others now about our perilous day.
Don't be caught up to follow their way.
You must live holy to follow Jesus, the King;
Nothing before him, no one or no thing.

Love Jesus first to be worthy of life eternal.
It must be from your heart and not merely external.
Difficult is the road to life and small is the gate.
Few find it while others are worldly, religious and hate.

Scriptural Backing:

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