What Is The Gospel or Salvation Plan
That You Believe?

Dan Corner

What's wrong with today's gospel?

What's Wrong With Today's Gospel? (mp3)

Which Gospel Do You Believe? (pdf)

This Answers: What Is The Gospel?

What is the gospel and which gospel do you believe? Among people who call themselves evangelical, Bible-believing, born again Christians there are primarily two different salvation messages (gospels) that are proclaimed. It is impossible for both to be from God! Do you know which gospel is from God and which is demonic?

What Can SIN Do To a Christian

The False Evangelical Gospel

The gospel associated with eternal security would have you believe that:

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The Biblical Gospel

In contrast, the real gospel which rejects eternal security states that:

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The gospel based on eternal security is built upon partial truths presented as the whole truth and various Scriptural distortions, as well as misrepresenting the true Christian gospel and grace. Jude was adamant and clear in his epistle about those who change grace into a license to sin. He said they are godless people, who don't have the Spirit of God and for whom blackest darkness has been prepared. Paul stated that to preach a false gospel (another gospel) is cause enough for eternal condemnation.

Christians Are To SPREAD and PROTECT the Real Gospel

OSAS doctrine is a false gospel, as well as a heresy. Now you know which gospel to believe and which gospel to reject and how to biblically answer the question: what is the gospel?

Dark Church

Eternal Security Is a License to Sin [Testimony of a Former Eternal Security Pastor!]

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