The Untold Christian Life

Dan Corner

Jesus told us the narrow road to life is HARD;
Considered the many martyrs and all the scarred.
The faithful have always been targeted and hated;
But don't turn away to have your salvation negated.

Our day is coming, but first our test to be approved;
The faithful have spent years in prison, yet unmoved.
Hand kept to the rough plough without looking back;
And don't be bewitched by a popular religious quack.

The evil one wants YOU in the lake of fire with him;
Unless you resist, escaping his wiles are less than slim.
Lean HEAVY on THE KING, the one who really cares;
Go boldly to God for grace and mercy via your prayers.

Realize you are NOT ALONE, and do not fear even death;
Man is but a mist and in his nostrils is but a single breath.
FIGHT HARD and at your judgment you'll be very glad;
Though none go with you now - son, brothers or dad.

Most will not value, appreciate or ever understand you;
One day they'll know their error and you were of the few.
Endure hardness as a good soldier and go after SOULS;
That needs to be one of our main 'on the battlefield' goals.

JESUS IS ALIVE and PARADISE is getting closer for the few;
Test everyone and all things and reject everything that is untrue.
The big worldwide food price squeeze is coming fast - seal three;
And the big kill off and many martyrs going home by the decree.

Severely hated and handed over to be persecuted and put to death;
The wicked know not what they do while they have only one breath.
MANY will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate others;
STAND FIRM and HOLD ON to your crown to not be taken by another.

Wickedness will INCREASE and the love of MOST will grow cold;
We must stand firm to the end to be saved and walk on streets of gold.
The trouble coming is but TEMPORARY and from their wicked hands;
The Lamb who is the KING OF KINGS will conquer over their plans.

Death is our entrance into PARADISE, so hold on to the end;
Keep following Jesus and the gospel proclaim and defend.
IMAGINE SEEING JESUS in power and glory, yet with scars;
It is ours to believe and suffer now, in front of or behind bars.

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