The Shadrach, Meshach,
Abednego and Courage Poem

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"We will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up";
They were willing to go to their death and told that to the king close-up.

Their Godly courage has blessed and strengthened multitudes over the years;
If you are going to endure to the end you must, like them, conquer your fears.
[Dan 3:18; Mt. 10:28]

Threatened by the blazing furnace the three Hebrews stood true;
It takes determined people like them to be of the chosen few.
If you were there too and threatened with death over the same;
Would you buckle, then later bow your head in tearful shame?
[Dan. 3:6; 3:15; Mt. 10:22]

During the last generation, when the Antichrist is here;
If you are alive then, your ultimate test will be near.
If you worship his image and take the mark of the beast;
That will cause your eternal salvation to quickly cease.
[Rev. 14:9-12]

To be tormented with burning sulfur means, one is surely lost;
To get final salvation you must die pure in heart and count the cost.
You might have to pay with your life, as martyrs have been many;
On the other hand, unfaithful apostates have also been plenty.
[Mt. 5:8; Rev. 21:27; Mt. 24:10; etc.]

You must remain faithful to Jesus to not be hurt by the second death;
That means to the very end of your life -- to your very last breath.
Blessed and holy are those who have part in the first resurrection;
Don't fear those who kill the body, but God's ominous rejection.
[Rev. 2:10,11; Rev. 20:6; Mt. 10:28]

The final overcomers will not receive the mark of the beast;
Regardless how or when, one day your physical life will cease.
First and foremost and above all else, you must make it in;
Nothing is worth going to the fiery lake - no person or sin.
[Rev 20:4; Rev. 21:1-8]

Know that both your words and actions are powerful and clear;
Though your heart is unseen, they reveal if you are true and sincere.
If you become an idolater to take the mark so you can buy or sell;
Into the fiery lake of burning sulfur you will go to eternally dwell.
[Mt. 12:37; Rev. 13:15-17 cf. Rev. 19:20; 14:9-12]

To overcome you must not love your life to shrink from death;
It's most important you are faithful to God till your last breath.
If you have to stand alone when everyone else falls away;
Be faithful to the true and living God and do not, him, betray.
[Rev. 12:11; Rev. 2:10,11; Heb. 3:14]

It's home in Paradise or fiery torment in the hot burning lake;
It's one or the other so whatever happens do not God, forsake.
Entering the holy New Jerusalem one blessed day;
Is surely worth any price you might have to pay.

[Rev. 21:1-8; 2 Chronicles 15:2; Phil. 1:21,23]

Your vital testimony of Jesus plays a salvation part too;
Like the three courageous Hebrews, you must remain true.
The Antichrist himself will be thrown into the fiery lake;
Never take the mark of the Beast, for your very soul is at stake!

[Rev. 20:4; Heb. 3:14; Rev. 19:20; Rev. 14:9-12]


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