Prisoner Testimony

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for the "Believer's Conditional Security.". This whole subject of the once saved always saved has made me weary. For me it had become quite an issue. Then one day at mail-call, out of the blue I received a book by Daniel Corner. And to this very day I have not a clue who sent me this blessed knowledge? And it couldn't of come at a better time towards the end of my jail sentence and I have been pennyless this whole sentence. So now here I am humbly requesting "The Myth of Eternal Security" and if at all possible, "The Gospel According to Charles Stanley." Believe me, if I had the money to send you I would for these books. But I don't! That's not to say once I get established out in the free world when released in 7 months and if you can trust my word here? I will send you the value owed plus interest. And please by all means send me a catalog and I will definitely find people of interest to order books from you. You can consider me an asset or a wise investment. Again, thank you for the wealth of soul saving information you have impacted to me! God bless you!


COMMENT: The additional ministry material was sent to him. This prisoner is just one of many who has received materials from us over the years. Your prayers and donations help to make this possible too. God bless you.

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