Understandest What Thou Readeth?

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Why Pretend You Can Understand The KJV?

Many exclusive supporters of the KJV see the archaic language of the KJV as the proper representation for Scripture. They deny any problems with reading it, stating in many cases, "My children have no problem understanding it" or "Anyone can easily learn the few archaic terms in the KJV."

All of the terms below are used in the KJV, and references are provided at the bottom of the page to the verses.

"Sith the noise of the bruit of this school hath reached to thee-ward, we trust that our concourse liketh you well-particularly those who blaze abroad that there is error here. Whoso setteth thee against us-whoso saith we offend all-speaketh leasing. We be not affrighted, but withal, we are straightened in our bowels. We knoweth well that what thou wilst hear straightway wilt fast close up thy thoughts. With some we be abjects, some have defied us; but there has been no daysman betwixt us. They subvert the simple!"
How many of you had a little difficulty following the conversation?

References: Ez. 35:6; Jer. 10:22; 1 Sam. 19:4; Prov. 1:21; Esther 8:8; Mk. 1:45; Prov. 25:14; Jas. 3:2, Psa. 4:2; Lk. 24:37; Acts 25:27; 1 Tim. 5:13; 2 Cor. 6:12; Mt. 4:20; Gen. 20:18; Psa. 35:15; Num. 23:8; Job 9:33; Gen. 31:37; Lam. 3:36; Prov. 14:15.

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