I Was Taught All The
Ways of Eternal Security

Gary H.

I Was An Immoral Baptist
Because Of Eternal Security

            I was raised in a Baptist Church from a baby; we went to church every Sunday morning, night, Wednesday night, I was made to be in the Youth Group, and sing in the choir until out of High School, etc.
I was “saved” at an early age, and baptized around 10 years old. I was taught all the ways of Eternal Security, and although many times I tried to “re-dedicate” my life to God, it NEVER lasted very long. I started smoking cigarettes at 12, and was addicted to this and pornography immediately. By 15 I was drinking to get drunk whenever I could (my friend's parents let him do what he wanted, so I would always stay overnight at his house and drink, and look for girls.) By the time I was an adult, I was a full fledged functioning alcoholic, as well as a sex addict.

         As a child growing up in the Baptist Church, I hated it. Once I was caught drunk by my dad at 16 and he said to me “and you call yourself a Christian!” to which I responded, “no I don't; you do!” Anyway, as an adult, twice I again tried re-dedicating my life to God, and turning away from my porn and alcohol, but again, I couldn't do it. WHY? Because of the concepts and ideas that had been taught me as a child about how we are “saved.” I had always expected that God would just remove these desires from me. ... I realized that I had been deceived about being saved, and it took 20 more years of rebellion before I understood the TRUTH; that God will do his part when I do my part. It has now been 3 years since I have had a drink, or allowed my mind to stray into sexual desires except for my wife. I have closed the doors that were open to evil, and I am protected and covered by the blood of Jesus AS LONG AS I KEEP THE DOORS SHUT!

         Jesus sends his Holy Spirit to give us the ability to resist the Devil IN ALL SITUATIONS!!! We do not have to sin, ever! I have proved this. But if we refuse to appropriate his Spirit when we need help resisting, we eventually will become lax, and re-open the doors to our soul ...

         The Eternal Security doctrine is THE DOCTRINE OF DEMONS! Wake up “Christians;” you have been deceived! The New Testament warnings are written to us! It's the TRUTH THAT SET ME FREE (the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom ...)

         My dad is still a die-hard OSAS Southern Baptist whose advice to me 3 years ago when I truly repented was “YOU'RE SAVED, SO RELAX.” Well I can tell you this, that if I would have heeded his advice, I would have “7 more spirits more evil” than the ones I had living in me today. Co-incidentally, I find it interesting that the Baptists are also the most vehement in condemning the gifts of the Holy Spirit today by those who operate in these gifts/manifestations.

         ... Jesus performed no miracles until he was put into service, after the Holy Spirit came upon him; and he promised to send this same spirit that raised him from the dead, to his followers. THIS SPIRIT is given to us to resist the devil JUST AS IT WAS TO JESUS! Therefore, if he resides in us, WE HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR YIELDING TO TEMPTATION .... If we continue in this downward spiral, the Holy Spirit will eventually give up on us (he never forces his will over our will).

         I thank God for his mercy in allowing me another chance, by showing me the TRUTH. Lies won't set us free, and the OSAS doctrine is a lie.


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