Is Jack Van Impe Now a
Secret Roman Catholic?

Jack Van Impe


Jack Van Impe (JVI) has been exalting and endorsing the present and previous popes, as well as Catholicism as a whole, especially on the April 16th and 23rd (2005) TV broadcasts. The differences between Roman Catholicism and Bible teaching Protestant churches are “secondary,” according to him and his wife. The main points to consider, according to JVI are:


1) the virgin birth of Christ

2) the deity of Christ

3) the blood sacrifice

4) the bodily resurrection and

5) Christ’s return.

Is this really the truth? Shouldn’t we also consider the plan of salvation declared by Rome and Mary’s importance in that? Should we trust in, pray to and look to her for help and deliverance? Is Mary really “our life, sweetness and hope” or does the Bible teach that Jesus alone is? The truth is, the Mary of Catholicism is not the Mary of the Bible and true salvation is only found in Jesus to whom we go directly without first going to Mary.

These and many other primary differences with Roman Catholicism are revealed in our book, “Is This The Mary of the Bible.” Order a copy for a friend as well as yourself today.

249 pages contrasting the
Mary of Catholicism with
the Mary of the Holy Bible.

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