My Resignation
From The Eternal Security Baptist Church

Brother Alexander

One Sunday School morning in our church I withstood our Pastor before the class in teaching Once Saved Always Saved doctrine. Having declared losing salvation before them all I suggested after class that I will submit my position paper within days.

Somewhere on the last week of October 2007... I was so delighted to learn of the refutation of Dan Corner against once saved always saved. The next few days I bought the book The Believer's Conditional Security by Dan Corner which I read all in three days.

Through this I completed my position paper which I submitted to the Pastor and deacons and teachers of our church and stop attending Sunday services.

What Is The Gospel

I believe with my whole heart that conditional salvation is the true doctrine of salvation and no other. That by God's grace like Dan Corner, I had and will declare this doctrine with boldness of the Holy Spirit to my remaining days ....

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