Baptist Pastor's Testimony of
Turning Away From Eternal Security

Pastor Gary

I have been visiting your website for several years now. When I first visited, as a Baptist preacher I just knew that you were a nut and that eternal security was without a doubt a sound Biblical doctrine, as I had been trained in seminary. As I returned to your website over a period of a couple of years, the Lord began to work in my heart and mind, and through His Grace I now know that the supposed Biblical doctrine of eternal security is really and fully a doctrine of Satan and not from God in any shape or form at all!

A Deacon Threw a Hymnal and It bounced Off My Forehead

As I began to preach against the falsehood of eternal security, I was attacked verbally, physically, financially and spiritually. Over time it became ridiculous and sometimes funny, but sad. I remember one particular Sunday morning when one of the deacons in my church stood up in the middle of my sermon and yelled, “So you're telling me because I choose to continue to commit a particular sin I'm no longer saved. What about God's grace and forgiveness?!?” I knew that the Holy Spirit was working in his heart and so I replied, “Fortunately I didn't write it, God did.” He answered me by heaving a hymnal at the pulpit, which bounced off my forehead, and then stomped out of the service in a huff.

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An Adulterous Woman Claimed To Be a Christian and Used Paul For Support

On yet another occasion I was counseling a woman who was a member of my church and had recently divorced her husband. She was having an adulterous affair, she smoked cigarettes, abused prescription drugs and allowed her children to have sexual relations with their friends in the bedrooms of her home. Through all of her sin she claimed to be a Christian and that God was on her side. She explained to me that because in Romans 7 Paul claimed that he was a sinner, she too could sin habitually and still be a participant in God's grace. Try as I may, she refused to hear the truth.

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I Am Now Free From The Satanic Heresy of Once Saved Always Saved

Needless to say I was driven from that church and have since been called to another, although this Baptist church is almost the same as the last. It seems that the false doctrine of eternal security is everywhere. It's so pervasive and completely embedded, at times I feel as though I am making little headway. I could go on; however, I think you get my point.

In conclusion I would like to say that thanks to Dan, the Evangelical Outreach website and the leading of the Holy Spirit I am now free from the satanic heresy of once saved always saved. Praise the Lord for setting me free and leading me along His path of righteousness!

In lifelong service to Him that sends us,

Pastor Gary

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