Berean Dave Hunt Gets The
Skull And Crossbones Award

Dan Corner

Dave Hunt's Second Skull And Crossbones Award
For His Carnal Christian Teaching

Dave Hunt (1926-2013) has issued the Berean Call to Christians and encourages everyone to Search the Scriptures. Yet, when we do this very thing Dave Hunt himself is shown to be teaching falsely.
In fact, Dave Hunt is teaching a license for immorality by teaching and trying to defend the doctrine of eternal security.
Like all other eternal security teachers, Hunt contradicts himself and tries at times to conceal his doctrine as being a license for sin. Dave Hunt will say, at times, if a person professing salvation turns to sin either he was never saved or he better get right with God. But then at other times, he can turn right around and teach the unrepentant sexually immoral man of 1 Cor. 5 was saved while remaining in sexual immorality!

He also teaches like the Calvinists regarding the sin unto death. The Bearean Call Dave Hunt thinks God in his anger and wrath will kill the unrepentant Christians for their heinous sins and for bringing reproach upon Christ and will take them home [to heaven].

Some of you are weak and sickly and some of you sleep.
Some of you died because God has brought judgment upon you for the way you have conducted yourselves and so forth. So I think what he is saying is: there are some sins that are so heinous and not only heinous but perhaps I think it depends upon the position a person has that brings reproach upon Christ and God takes him home for that.
Listen to Dave Hunt teach HERESY:

Dave Hunt teaches HERESY

Dave Hunt is also a master at avoiding Matthew 10:22 and the Lord's teaching there to his disciples that they must endure to the end to be saved. Dave Hunt will ignore/avoid this verse by craftily taking the reader/listener to Mt. 24 and commenting from this passage instead where he can then say it is the Jews during the tribulation period.

Dave Hunt, please know that Dan Corner still wants to debate you on eternal security. Stop making excuses and just do it. (This page will be sent to Hunt's ministry via the US postal service in January 2005.)

For more information about the license for immorality commonly called eternal security, please consult our 801 p. book The Believer's Conditional Security. This is the book the eternal security teachers, including Dave Hunt, don't want you to read or to even know exists.

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