Open Debate Challenge
On Eternal Security

Dan Corner, author of The Believer's Conditional Security and The Myth of Eternal Security, hereby issues an open eternal security debate challenge to any and all qualified* eternal security (once saved always saved, perseverance of the saints, preservation of the saints) teacher/s to debate the issue of the believer’s security in a gentlemanly, equally-timed, fair exchange of ideas. Eternal security debate rules must be signed and adhered to. An appropriate setting could be a church, auditorium, radio station, etc. with an unbiased host who will not interrupt the contenders. Assistance to find such a setting and qualified person would be appreciated. Evangelical Outreach will pay for half of the costs to host such a debate, including the advertising.

Please contact if interested.

Dan Corner believes salvation is by grace and not by works. Eternal life comes instantly to the repentant person who places his faith in the Lord Jesus for his soul’s salvation and is willing to faithfully follow him unashamedly in this wicked world.

*A qualified candidate for the eternal security debate would be one well versed in his position and who can intelligently and coherently convey his thoughts on eternal security to the audience. An example of such might be a bible school teacher, pastor, evangelist, apologist, etc.

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