Deceived By The Devil

A Prisoner's Testimony of Being Deceived By The Devil


Hi, my name is Jonathan ... I am a prisoner in California. I am serving a life sentence and have been incarcerated almost 16 years. (15 years 10 months 2 days to be exact.)

Well I got a hold of Jesus when I was a kid, yet I strayed.

I grew up in the church, a __________ Church in ... My pops kicked me out when I was 15 because I was involved in some shootings. I came back when I was 17 and life was so depressing, I tried to kill myself by overdosing, then jumping off a freeway overpass at 10:00 in the morning. I wanted to die, so I could talk to God face to face or go to hell and kill Satan.

I ended up in a hospital with some broken bones, then from there a mental hospital, then from there a rehab ... At 18 years old I stayed there 3 months reading the Bible during classes there and in my spare time. I left the rehab to be homeless and preach to the homeless.

(A Prisoner Wrote) I Had NO Willingness To Repent

Eventually I got back into drugs and at age 20 caught a life sentence for second degree murder. I got into witchcraft in prison, but at age 32 or 33, the demons got the best of me and I had a nervous breakdown. I only knew to call on Jesus so I did. He answered right away.

The next day a lady came by my cell with some books and asked if I'd like one. I got a Bible and read it straight through in a matter of months from Genesis to Revelation. I've been studying the Bible daily since 2013 as much as I can. My dad became a Catholic Episcopalian priest. Me? I'm Protestant. I read your book, "Is this the Mary of the Bible?" I agree with it 100% ...

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