I Would Be Excommunicated For
Preaching Contrary To John Calvin


I have written this letter to you after a tireless study of your writings. I have studied almost all the books you have authored and the more I study them the more they changed my life and approach to ministry.

I am fully convinced that God has raised you during this time to win souls and to defend the faith.

I know I once wrote a letter to you while I was still at the College. You did bless me with a lot of books including The Believers Conditional Security: Eternal Security Refuted. ...

I am fully convinced that your ministry really presents the real true gospel. The problem I am facing in the ministry is that of tradition. My church owes its doctrinal backing from John Calvin. I was promised that if I preach contrary to their teaching I would be excommunicated from their pulpits. This is the major reason why I wish to partner with you in the gospel. I know that if I preach under the Evangelical Outreach, I won't be bound by the tradition of men but faithfully handle the Word of truth.

The Lord has been using me to win souls but how can such souls be Christlike if they are taught that sin will never exclude them from the kingdom of God? I believe you do know the teaching of eternal security, which has claimed a number of souls to hell. Imagine what pain it brings to hear someone telling the repentant sinner that sin is no longer an issue. It pains.

I would like to know if I can partner with you in the gospel. I would love to be one of the members of Evangelical Outreach. I would be happy to know how I can be a member if it may be possible.

Just as America is on a verge of religious decay, Zimbabwe is all the worse turning away from her Creator. I believe if we rally behind each other there will be a turning point. I would love to hear from you about my concern and wish. I will always love you with the love of Christ. Yours in Christ


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