Jacob Prasch Gets
The Skull and Crossbones Award

Dan Corner

Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries gets the Skull and Crossbones Award. He has earned it for confusing the problems with the heresy of eternal security in the following article, as well as for being much too soft on eternal security fanatics like Dave Hunt, John MacArthur, etc. Here are Jacob’s actual words:

Part of the problem with Calvinism is that they try to apply time to eternity. Because Calvinism is based on humanism, Calvinists try to figure things out intellectually which can only be comprehended intellectually to a certain point. They like to emphasize that we’re predestined - well, of course, because relative to eternity every choice has already been made. Do I believe in eternal security? Yes, because we are already seated with Christ in heavenly places; in eternity it’s already happening. I believe in eternal security as the Bible teaches it. But once saved always saved? No.... (The Divine Aristocracy, Part 1)

Jacob stated twice that he does believe in eternal security. It seems the problem, in part, is he has equated the term eternal security to something other than the established definition and this has caused problems. See Open Letter To Jacob Prasch (Moriel).

Jacob also stated in the same article that he doesn’t believe in once saved always saved. This is nothing more that semantics and double talk. The bottom line in these terms (eternal security and once saved always saved) is that a Christian can stray into great wickedness and he’ll remain saved. This is both a license for immorality and doctrine of demons.

Questions for Jacob Prasch: Since you align yourself in ministry at times with Dave Hunt, who you say you disagree with on eternal security, why aren’t you as open in teaching against eternal security as Hunt is to teach it? [Charles Stanley devotional indoctrination manuals do the same!]

Errant Dave Hunt

Getting back to Dave Hunt, he believes eternal security is related to the “faith” itself and thinks there are “carnal” Christians (just like Charles Stanley does). Hence, Dave Hunt’s gospel and faith are connected with the demonic idea that the unnamed incestuous man of 1 Cor. 5:1-5 was a “Christian.” Where is the holiness in such a deadly misrepresentation of a so-called “Christian” as this is? Hunt is an enemy of my gospel, which is clearly shown in 1 Cor. 15:2 to include a conditional security for the believer. You refuse to believe what the book of Jude says about the people who change “grace” into a license for immorality, which is what Dave Hunt, John MacArthur and others have done and are doing on a worldwide scale. The Bible is clear that they are ungodly people, who have blackest darkness prepared for them and they also don’t have the Spirit of God (Jude 4, 13, 19). You don’t really believe the Bible here or don’t think they have changed grace into a license for immorality, even though they all believe King David remained saved while in adultery and murder and before he repented; that Peter remained saved even after he disowned Christ; etc. Because of them, multitudes are believing they are on the road to heaven when they are actually on the road to hell. Precious souls remain deceived.

Jacob Prasch, stop tolerating Jezebel! It seems that you are more concerned about the advantages you can get by associating with Dave Hunt than saving souls! Jacob Prasch, fear God and love the perishing to the point that you are going to openly and regularly preach the clear Biblical message on true saving faith, that is, it can cease to exist (Luke 8:13), become shipwrecked (1 Tim. 1:18-20) and be destroyed (2 Tim. 2:18). That is another way of saying after getting “born again” one can get back on the road to hell and perish eternally (if he doesn’t repent and live holy). So is eternal security false doctrine? ABSOLUTELY!


Open letter to Jacob Prasch of Moriel

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