Open Letter To
Jacob Prasch (Moriel)

Dan Corner

Dear Jacob:

Through non-related questions to you, you took the opportunity to make numerous harsh and baseless attacks on me (Dan Corner)! Those disconnected questions were: When will you deal with Baptist and Reformed heresy? and Why is the “once saved” heresy still taught in seminaries?

If your untrue attacks weren’t bad enough, at the same time you also downplayed the dangerous teachings of several eternal security teachers whom you are apparently protecting or are misinformed about. Is that how Moriel ministries works? Below are your errors or problem spots in these areas. Please correct accordingly:

●1 Though unclear, it seems that you are misapplying the definition of the HERETICAL doctrine of eternal security and have therefore stated things which are confusing and can be misunderstood by your audience. Here, as with the cults, one must define terms. The established definition of eternal security is the same as given by Charles Stanley, Charles Ryrie, etc.:

Eternal security is that work of God in which he guarantees that the gift of salvation once received is possessed forever and cannot be lost.

(For documentation, see The Believer’s Conditional Security, p. 16.)

That definition, which has been around for decades, has been recently altered by some who now imply one believes in either an unconditional eternal security or a conditional eternal security. Such a conclusion is demonic, leaving no option for Christians who believe eternal security is HERETICAL. Therefore, there is no form of eternal security which is true, including a conditional eternal security. (Similarly, there is no such thing as unconditional once saved always saved, as you mention.)

●2 You wrongly disconnect once saved always saved with eternal security or the perseverance of the saints. If one believes in once saved always saved, he believes in eternal security. Make a note of that! The truth is, the established long-held definitions show they are the same, that is, once a person gets saved he can NOT lose his salvation, even by turning to extreme wickedness.

All people who embrace such a view of grace, salvation, etc. dangerously believe: King David retained his salvation when in adultery and murder, Peter never lost his salvation when he disowned Jesus and fell away, Solomon never lost his salvation when his heart turned to idolatry, etc.
Therefore, ALL who teach those things declare a license for immorality, with NO EXCEPTION. Such includes ALL CALVINISTS (Spurgeon, MacArthur, Piper, Sproul, etc.) and even some who reject eternal security.

●3 Dave Hunt of the Berean Call is a 1 point Calvinist, even though he says he is not a Calvinist. That is true because he believes in once saved always saved or eternal security, which is the same as the perseverance (or preservation) of the saints (the 5th point of Calvinism).

Also, do not be DECEIVED by Dave Hunt’s attempt to cloud related issues, such as what he wrote about James Arminius beliefs. James Arminius would have condemned Dave Hunt over his eternal security doctrine. Arminius did believe one could lose his salvation.

Dave Hunt teaches one can die in UNREPENTANT HEINOUS SIN and be taken home to heaven, after he is killed by God for his wickedness. That is under his distorted understanding of the sin unto death. He also teaches the sexually immoral man of 1 Cor. 5:1,2, who was committing sexual sin which even pagans didn’t commit, was a CHRISTIAN! Imagine that! For references to these and other quotes, see The Believer’s Conditional Security and Dave Hunt's Carnal Christian Skull And Crossbones Award (Again)

DO NOT, THEREFORE, PRESENT HUNT IN A BETTER LIGHT JUST BECAUSE HE MIGHT BE YOUR FRIEND! He is a HERETIC for teaching like that, even though he has some sound material!

●4 Jacob you wrote this:

I continually warn against unconditional “Once Saved Always Saved” as a perversion of what Scripture teaches concerning “Eternal Security” (which is that we are eternally secure in Christ if we remain in Christ)

You reject unconditional “Once Saved Always Saved,” but believe in “Eternal Security”—if we remain in Christ. That is a contradiction in terms. Again, the definition of those terms shows it is a contradiction, which creates confusion. (Hopefully, that confusion is not intentional.) See also point 1 again.

Again, it seems that you have misapplied the meaning of a major heresy of our day (eternal security) into something different, making your writings unclear.

**I now believe that you believe one can lose his salvation. IF that is true, you are correct on that point. I have revised your Skull and Crossbones Award.

Eternal Salvation

●5 You also wrote:

We do, however, draw a distinction between moderates like Spurgeon and John MacArthur (who do not believe backsliders are still saved but say they were never saved to begin with) and hard line Calvinists.


It appears you have been misled by John MacArthur (like many others) by his slick presentations. MacArthur clearly teaches a license for immorality, at times. Most false teachers have a double message, as he does! Remember that. Here are the facts about John MacArthur.

●6 Charles Spurgeon was a HERETIC believing/teaching Calvinism is the “gospel.” Therefore, don’t try to protect him! He was a 5 point Calvinist! He was not, and could not be, the Prince of Preachers, like the publishers (who sell his materials) want us to believe so they can make money by selling his teachings! Don’t be deceived.

●7 The last half of your answer was an angry hateful attack on me. You called me a wicked, ignorant liar, babbler, an unprincipled liar, etc.! WHY? Allegedly, because of the following three reasons :

a) You believe that I falsely accused you of holding to “Once Saved Always Saved”

b) You claim that I said Charles Spurgeon did not believe the Bible to be God’s Word by distorting one of Spurgeon’s remarks out of context.

Jacob Prasch's Slander of Dan Corner

c) You wrote:

The term “Perseverence [sic] of the saints” is indeed totally biblical as used in Revelation 14:12, but in context it has nothing to do with the “Once Saved Always Saved” of the Calvinists who distort it. Likewise the assurance of salvation is plainly taught in Scripture in 1 Timothy 4:16 but it is not unconditional (Calvinism again distorts the Scripture out of context). I object to Calvinism’s distortion of these truths; the babbling liar Dan Corner, however, in effect objects to these truths even being in Scripture.


●a) Please carefully read the Skull and Crossbones Award we gave you Jacob Prasch

NOTE: Even before the recent revision it said, “Jacob also stated in the same article that he doesn’t believe in once saved always saved.”

Hence, you have misrepresented me! Remember, also the aforementioned point 4.

●b) What I wrote about Charles Spurgeon stands. Specifically, what you referred to comes from the following and has been terribly misrepresented. It is in black to easily distinguish it:

III. Charles Haddon Spurgeon was so convinced about the Calvinistic view of falling away that he strangely concluded that “the Bible is a lie” and he himself will become an “infidel,” if he ever came to believe that even one saint of God has ever “fall[en] finally”:

If one dear saint of God had perished, so might all; if one of the covenant ones be lost, so may all be; and then there is no gospel promise true, but the Bible is a lie, and there is nothing in it worth my acceptance. I will be an infidel at once when I can believe that a saint of God can ever fall finally” (p. 172).

COMMENT: Of course, the Bible is not a lie, but instead the proven word of the living God. All C. H. Spurgeon needed to do was accept the clear teaching of Scripture on the believer’s security, as upsetting as it might be to him. Spurgeon and other once saved, always saved (OSAS) teachers are actually placing a snare before all who listen to their message of an unconditional security for the believer.

Jacob, it is clear that you again have misrepresented what I wrote to try to discredit me. This time it was about Spurgeon! WHY? Is it because I pointed out things you need to correct for your good and the good of others? I did NOT write what you claim I said. How can you claim otherwise?

●c) Again, you wrote this and slandered me:

The term “Perseverence [sic] of the saints” is indeed totally biblical as used in Revelation 14:12, but in context it has nothing to do with the “Once Saved Always Saved” of the Calvinists who distort it. Likewise the assurance of salvation is plainly taught in Scripture in 1 Timothy 4:16 but it is not unconditional (Calvinism again distorts the Scripture out of context). I object to Calvinism’s distortion of these truths; the babbling liar Dan Corner, however, in effect objects to these truths even being in Scripture.

WHY would you even mention Rev. 14:12 since it only reads that way in the NASB translation and has nothing to do with the issue being discussed, as you noted? WHY bring it up at all, especially since the NASB is misleading at that point? Are you trying to create something to pin on me? (The term “perseverance of the saints” is equal to once saved always saved, and even Calvinists have taught the same. It is a HERESY under any title.)

You also mentioned assurance of salvation, which I do teach, but ONLY for those who are NOW in Christ. The only assurance of salvation, taught in Scripture, is a PRESENT TENSE salvation for the PRESENT TENSE believer.

You have smeared and slandered me multiple times as hard as you could, even though you seem to believe like we do, that one can lose his salvation. In contrast, you present those who teach once saved always saved in a semi-protective way, downplaying their dangerous teachings! Are you going to fix these errors or pretend they don’t exist?


(1) Did King David lose his salvation when in adultery and murder and before he repented—yes or no?

(2) Did Peter lose his salvation when he disowned Jesus and fell away—yes or no?

Please remove your slanderous, hateful remarks about me and the other false information about the various grace changers, like Hunt, etc. SOULS are in jeopardy! GOD BLESS YOU.

Following The Lord Jesus,
Dan Corner

WARNING! In Touch with Charles Stanley is demonic.

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