Important Insights From An Ex-Eternal
Security Proponent

By Jeff

I have given this subject alot of thought and I have concluded that most OSAS [once saved always saved] adherents are holding on to an assumption or presupposition that causes them to see this issue with foggy glasses. The basic assumption or presupposition goes something like this:

1. Our actions or good works can never pay the penalty for our sin. (True)
2. This makes us completely dependent upon Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for us. (True)
3. This means nothing I do can add or take away from what Christ has done. (True)
4. Therefore, my actions whether good or bad do not affect MY salvation. (False)

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The typical OSAS adherent views salvation only from the perspective of what Jesus Christ has done for us. They have focused so completely on what Jesus has done and the fact that we cannot add anything to what Jesus has done that they forget that there are 2 sides to this equation. They do not understand that although Jesus has paid the penalty for our sins (100% without any help from us) the offer of salvation is a conditional offer. Jesus Christ demands that we faithfully follow Him our entire life. Most evangelicals cringe when the word conditional is used in connection to salvation.

They feel it is being implied that the atoning death of Jesus Christ did not fully pay the penalty for sin. They miss the fact that "It is by grace you have been saved, THROUGH FAITH..." They truly do not understand that we are saved by grace through faith. They do not understand faith because they have subtley changed the meaning and implications of what it means to have faith. To an OSAS adherent, faith means believing what Jesus said, it does not mean obeying Jesus, and it does not mean faithfully following Jesus. To an OSAS adherent, faith is the acceptance of an offer. Faith means being willing to complete the transaction by accepting the free gift of eternal life.

Here is the equation: Jesus offers + We accept = Transaction complete. This is how most OSAS adherents that I am familiar with view this subject. Although they do not state it this way, if you dissect their teachings, this equation is what is actually being taught. They simply miss the fact that the offer of eternal life is not an equation. They do not understand that the offer comes with the expectation that we will live a faithful life. This is why OSAS adherents use terminology like "Accept Jesus as your Savior." They see salvation strictly as a transaction. Therefore, in order to complete the equation/transaction we must accept the offer. However, as a street preacher I once heard say, "Jesus does not want your acceptance. He wants your obedience." It is my opinion this gross misunderstanding of faith so clouds the thinking of most OSAS adherents that they have great difficulty seeing the truth.


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