I Do Not Believe In The
Once Saved Always Saved Lie Anymore

I have been raised in a Southern Baptist church for about thirteen years now. I am __ and all my life I believed in the [once saved always saved] doctrine until about three days ago because I had been going much deeper into Scripture and was astonished at the solemn warnings Jesus gave and how everyone always has seemed to accidentally overlook them. I brought the discussion up and man, I tell you, they hate the idea of Conditional Salvation! It is like Satan to them! Someone went as far as to say it could destroy my faith if I kept it up (with me being against once saved always saved and my research with it). One had also conveniently said that Satan can use Scripture and twist it up and plant seeds in our heads (pointing to me). But I do not believe in the once saved always saved lie anymore. I've tried to show them warnings but they rationalize and generalize the Scripture citing all sorts of passages (ie - No one can snatch them out of my hand) and excuses (they must not have been saved to begin with.) In reality I gave up on my discussion -- In my youth group it was 9 to 1. I wasn't too happy about it. But now that I have seen the truth Scripture makes so much more sense to me. Once saved always saved distorts Scripture and exchanges the truth of God for a lie. However as I know it, most of the ___ people that attend _____ Baptist believe once saved always saved and I am going to be hard pressed to get the truth to them. Your website has helped me see the truth more plainly and has given me the evidence to fight once saved always saved.

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