Eternal Security
and Evangelical Teen Sex

Dan Corner

The Eternal Security Time Bomb

Eternal Security Leads To Teen Sex

How many young American lives have been ruined or at least adversely affected by premarital sex and pregnancy because of teen sex? Certainly the number is far too high, especially in our wicked society. Shocking as it may sound, that overall number has been increased by the teaching of eternal security through its many deceived teen proponents.

The following lamentable quotes all come from the AFA Journal March 2008 edition, p.20. (All emphasis is my own.)

The article entitled Rotten Fruit ... asked the question, Are teens’ behaviors affected by religion? The following statistics resulted from 250 interviews and national surveys:

Regnerus’ studies are in-depth and some of his findings startling. For example, he says evangelical teens are slightly more sexually active than are their non-evangelical peers.

[W]hereas non-evangelical teens have sex for the first time at age 16.7, the average age for evangelical teens is 16.3. Even worse, evangelical teens are more likely to have had three or more sexual partners (13.7%) than their non-evangelical peers (8.9%).

Some 80% of teenagers who say they have been ‘born again’ agree that sex outside of marriage is morally wrong. Still, as many as two-thirds of them violate their own beliefs in their actual behavior.

Evangelical teens don’t have sex less than their non-evangelical friends; they just feel guiltier about it.

[E]vangelical Protestant youth may hold less sexually permissive attitudes than most other religious youth, but they are not the last to lose their virginity, on average. Not even close. He deems this key finding to be “most interesting and ironic” because it reveals that evangelical teens are above average in their sexual activity patterns.

Churches used to teach and exemplify self-control, the necessity of keeping one’s emotions in check, the discipline of self-denial and mortification of the flesh,” Veith writes in an article titled “Sex and the Evangelical Teen.” Today the typical evangelical church, in its example and practice, cultivates ‘letting go,’ emotionalism, self-fulfillment, and an odd religious sensuality, he added.

Though the study says nothing about the doctrine of eternal security by name, the vast majority of so-called evangelicals of our day (probably well over 95%) believe in this damnable heresy. To be more precise, it is primarily this group, more than any other, that would hold to this counterfeit gospel and false grace. This explains how the teens who have been taught once saved always saved are worse morally than the others who are not taught this security-in-sin gospel.

Here are the dreadful facts again:

evangelical teens are slightly more sexually active than are their non-evangelical peers

evangelical teens are above average in their sexual activity patterns.

In other words, so-called evangelical teens start younger with illicit sex, have more partners and are more active than others! RAMPANT SIN is the rotten fruit of eternal security—the number one doctrinal attack on holiness. Please share these facts with those you love.

This data is more proof that eternal security continues to ruin lives here and now, as well as, damn precious souls in eternity. Please, if you are a real Christian, obey the urgent command in Jude 3,4 and contend against this counterfeit grace message. See also The Eternal Security Time Bomb (copyrighted).



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