What If You Are Wrong and
You Go To Hell

Dan Corner

What If You Are Wrong (Free Printable Tract pdf)

What If You Are Wrong and You Find Out Too Late?

What If You Are Wrong? What if the respected and popular teachers you supported, listened to and tried to defend were actually the ones used by the devil to lead you to hell? They convinced you that you could disown Jesus, but he won't disown you -- in bold contrast to Jesus' teaching (Mt. 10:33). They taught King David remained saved in his adultery and murder and you thought you could be immoral like he was and remain saved too, but it turns out they taught you a lie (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Eph. 5:5-7; Rev. 21:8)!

What if the popular teachers poisoned your understanding of grace, distorted the gospel, smeared the Christian image, and downplayed the seriousness of sin, but you found out too late -- after you died in your sins and were in HELL suffering eternal torment in fire?

They told you God loved you and God would be faithful to you, that no one could snatch you from his hand, that God himself was holding and keeping you secure in your relationship with him, but they ignored the context of John 10:28, distorted the love and faithfulness of God as well as all the other verses which show Christians can die spiritually and can become enemies of God again (James 4:4). They also taught against Christians holding on to what they have (Rev. 3:11), keeping themselves pure (1 Tim. 5:22), etc. and enduring hatred for godly living to the end TO BE SAVED (Mt. 10:22 cf. 2 Tim. 3:12; Heb. 3:14).

POWERFUL TESTIMONY Of a Man Who Changed BEFORE It Was Too Late

What if their works salvation accusation against Christians who stressed obedience and faithfulness to God (Heb. 5:9; 1 John 2:3,4) was nothing but a false charge to discredit a conditional security in the minds of the misinformed? What if they were actually opposing the gospel itself with its warning to Christians of believing in vain (1 Cor. 15:2)? What if the message of the grace changers, which they tried to connect to the cross, grace and the blood of Jesus, had no scriptural connection at all, but you found out in HELL that those teachers were ungodly men who changed grace into a license to sin for the profit they rushed to get (Jude 3,4,11)?

What if you were one of their victims, and while you lived you could have repented from the very sins that dragged you to hell, but you were deceived and saw no need to repent because you wrongly thought there were Christian drunks, Christian adulterers, Christian thieves, Christian homosexuals, Christian porn addicts, etc. in contrast to scripture (1 Cor. 6:9,10; Mt. 5:28,29, Rev. 21:8)? They convinced you that Christians were sinners -- not righteous and Paul himself, as a Christian, was the worst of sinners! What if they taught you wrongly about your future sins already being forgiven, and all God could see was Jesus and his blood when he looked at you, but that was far from bible truth (Rev. 2 and 3; Prov. 15:3; etc.)?

What if lukewarmness would cause Jesus to spew you out of his body (Rev. 3:16) and he did, but you refused to believe it? What if fruitlessness would cause the Father to cut you from Christ (the vine) to have you thrown into the fire (Jn. 15:1-8)? What if unforgiveness would cause the Father not to forgive your sins (Mt. 6:14,15)?

What if you ignore this warning you are reading now, remain as a sow that was once washed but now wallows in the mud (2 Pet. 2:20-22), stay blind to your vital need to repent for salvation's sake, and go to hell like multitudes of others, who also believed in the devil's doctrine?

What If You Are Wrong But Changed BEFORE It Was Too Late

But wait, what if you still had time to change and did? What if you still had a chance to escape such demonic lies and hell itself to follow Jesus unashamedly and you did? What if you wholeheartedly turned from your idols to serve God and you became alive again (Lk. 15:24), like the prodigal, who previously was spiritually dead and lost? What if you sought first the kingdom of God and his righteousness (Mt. 6:33), made it your goal to make your life count for God, put your hand to the plow not to look back (Luke 9:62) and to be a good soldier of Christ Jesus enduring hardship (2 Tim. 2:3)?

If that happened, your soul would be saved from death (James 5:19,20), you'd be set free from your sin addictions and you could personally relate to Romans 6:22. You would have GREAT peace and joy in the midst of life's troubles and turmoil.

If that happened, your whole concept of the Christian life would be drastically changed and you'd know the grace changers are the enemies, that they once deceived you and now they need to be resisted and refuted with scripture -- not supported and praised. What if you realized you were wrong and humbled yourself, repented and changed to become biblically right? What if that happened to you? What if you changed like that, but what if you didn't and your family went to hell with you and because of your influence? What if?

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