Miracles From God and Satan

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Water into Wine Miracle, Drunks, Drink Wine

Water into wine miracle
The Mark of the Beast

satanic miracles

Miracles Of God

Miracles from God and the devil, do and have occurred! That should be common knowledge, but too few know the important Biblical details and ramifications of such.

Satanic Miracles - Past and Future

When one reads through the book of Revelation, he can easily see that the terminal generation of this age will see and/or personally experience the effects of war, famine, martyrdom, gross sin and deceit through Satanic miracles! Unfortunately, many in our day don't recognize that miracles do come through two sources -- God and the devil! In the book of Exodus, we learn that some of God's miracles were duplicated by Satan's power channeled through the Egyptian sorcerers: a wooden staff became a snake (7:10,11); water was changed into blood (7:20-22) and frogs came out of the water and covered the land (8:6,7)! Demons can and do perform miraculous signs (Rev. 16:14). To be specific, we can be sure that our generation, if it is the last generation, will hear of or see in the future fire coming down from Heaven to earth (Rev. 13:13) and an image of the Antichrist speaking (Rev. 13:15) because of Satanic power! In fact, it will be because of such Satanic miracles that the ones who receive the mark of the beast and worship his image will be deceived (Rev. 19:20). [Please read and circle that verse in your own Bible for yourself.] They will be deceived by astounding and awe-inspiring miracles produced by Satanic power! See also 2 Thess. 2:9,10.

More Satanic Miracles From The Past

Satan has in the past, is now and will continue in the future to use miracles to deceive. This truth is the answer to the mystic questions regarding Edgar Cayce, Padre Pio, etc. who carried conflicting messages about God and the afterlife along with their signs and miracles. Similar conflicting messages surrounding miracles and visions are found in a comparison of Mormonism and Catholicism. For example, AFTER prayer, the Mormons were saved by sea gulls which ate the crickets that were eating their grain in Brigham Young's day. In contrast, the Catholic church endorsed with the highest honors the 1917 Fatima visions of a personage claiming to be the Virgin Mary, which declared herself as our "refuge" and "the way that will lead you to God." Such is in direct conflict with Jn. 14:6 which declares Jesus as the only "way" to God! Since Mormonism and Catholicism both have miracles and visions and their messages about salvation are in conflict with each other, we logically know that God can't be the only power source for these miracles and visions. We can be dogmatic, since God is not a God of confusion. [God's power was NOT active in either of these cases!]

How To Tell God's Miracles From Satanic Miracles

What then must we gauge all messages and teachings by, since miracles, visions, signs, etc. can be deceptive? The criterion is God's word (2 Tim.3:16,17). If God's word isn't considered as FINAL AUTHORITY when "testing" a miracle, vision, dream, prophecy, teaching, etc., one will probably be deceived and could possibly lose his soul! Did you know that if you are deceived by a miracle into receiving the mark of the beast, YOU will end up in Hell, even if you were once saved (Rev. 14:9-12)? We MUST be both "self-controlled" and "alert" to stand against the devil and his wiles (1 Pet 5:8; Eph. 6:10,11). To reflect upon the contents of this message until an indelible impression is made upon your mind might make a difference in your eternity beyond the grave! Remember, these are perilous days that call for discernment. In conclusion, God still performs miracles in our day (Jn.14:12; Acts 4:30; etc.), but so does the devil (Rev. 16:14)! The Bible is final authority and will help us distinguish the dangerous and deceptive Satanic miracles from God's miracles.

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