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The Miracles of Jesus Christ

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Miracles of Jesus

Miracles of Jesus
The nearly three dozen recorded miracles of Jesus were diverse and performed for different reasons,miracles of Jesus but all were uniquely important and wonderful. From Jesusí first miracle - changing water into wine - to his last miracle - the second miraculous catch of fish (Jn. 21) - Jesusí identity as the Son of God and approval by God (Acts 2:22) was openly revealed. As vital as that was, that was not the only purpose of Jesusí miracles!

Jesusí Miracles and His Teachings

How shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation? This salvation, which was first announced by the Lord, was confirmed to us by those who heard him. God also testified to it by signs, wonders and various miracles, and gifts of the Holy Spirit distributed according to his will. (Heb 2:3,4)
The miracles of Jesus (and his holy followers) were also heavenly endorsements of Godís salvation message first preached by the Lord Jesus. That all-important salvation message always focuses on Jesus himself and him alone (Jn. 3:16; Jn. 14:6; Acts 16:30,31; 1 John 5:12; etc.). miracles of Jesus

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The attention-grabbing miracles of Jesus brought many to salvation, especially Lazarus being raised from the dead. But people were brought to salvation because they were also exposed to the one and only true salvation message attached to the stunning miracles of Jesus. If the true salvation message was not present also, the miracles of Jesus would have left people lost and dead in their sins.

Eight Facts About The Miracles Of Jesus

  • At the age of at least 30, Jesusí first miracle was changing water into wine, which is only recorded in Johnís gospel.
  • Jesusí last miracle before his crucifixion was the healing of Malchusí severed ear, which Peter cut off with a sword (Lk. 22:50,51 cf. Jn. 18:10).
  • All of the four gospels must be read to observe the 37 miracles of Jesus, for not any single account has all of them listed.
  • One of the most important miracles of Jesus was raising Lazarus from the dead after four days, yet the account only appears in John 11.
  • The only person in the bible to ever heal a person born blind was Jesus and that only appears in John 9.
  • miracles of Jesus
  • The purpose of Jesusí miracles, as listed by John in his gospel, were so that people would believe in Jesus and be saved (John 20:31), thus making the whole gospel of John a type of long gospel tract.
  • The miracles of Jesus were powerful repentance producers, if such would be possible, but at times people would still choose not to repent (Mt. 11:21-24)!
  • The miracles of Christ were always bonded to Godís truth declaring how to be forgiven of sins and how to become a possessor of eternal life among other facts.

Deception In The Church

Miracles of Jesus Vs. Miracles From The Wicked One

The miracle producing Lord Jesus Christ forewarned that evildoers would also perform GREAT signs and miracles (Mt. 7:22,23) to DECEIVE THE ELECT:
For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform GREAT signs and miracles to deceive even the elect--if that were possible. (Mat 24:24)
Such miracles from Satan will never be attached to Godís truth as can only be found in the bible! Those miracle-producing false prophets and false christs have a different message alongside their miracles. Similarly, from the last generation, the coming of the antichrist will mimic the miracles of Jesus to some degree too! miracles of Jesus
The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders (2 Thess 2:9).
How will they mimic the miracles of Jesus? The same Greek words used to describe Jesus' miracles, that is, miracles, signs and wonders (Heb. 2:4) are also used in 2 Thess 2:9 to describe the work of Satan in behalf of the antichrist! SHOCKING! Of course, the verbal message attached to those same stunning satanic miracles will not conform to scripture, as with the miracles of Jesus.

Deceitful Life After Death Experiences

miracles of Jesus It has always been that way with miracles from Satan. For example, from the miracle of the sun at Fatima to the miracle of the crickets being miraculously devoured in Mormonism in Brigham Youngís day, etc., the message of the bible is absent and/or lethally twisted in an attempt, by the devil, to lethally deceive religious people.

Evidence of Miracles Today

The miracles of Jesus were real and observable, just like the ongoing present-day miracle of the changed life because one chooses to believe in Jesus. To repent and place a faith in the Lord Jesus to follow and obey him here and now will result in freedom from sinís addictions and being made into a new creation in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17).

Donít be misled about the uniqueness of the miracles of Jesus and how God's miracles produced by his servants will always conform to his word (the Bible), in contrast to the miracles produced by the ungodly through Satanic power.

The Miracles of Jesus Christ Without Mary

Any miracles of Jesus bible study, like this one, would be incomplete without addressing the errant way Catholicism views them. WHY? Because Catholicism, with their 1.3 billion adherants, teaches we go to Mary to get to Jesus for our miracles. The miracles of Jesus Christ, based on their view, has their needed sinless female go-between, but such is surely not God's truth.

Only once is Mary connected with the miracles of Jesus Christ, that is, the water into wine miracle (John 2:1-11). Catholicism wrongly teaches the master of the banquet went to Mary, who went to Jesus, but that is not in the bible. The truth is: Mary went to Jesus on her own and the Lord Jesus performed his first miracle. There is nothing there to endorse Catholicism's mariolatry.

Of all the many miracles of Jesus that were recorded in the bible, other named people (like Jairus), when directly to Jesus without Mary being around and got the miracle -- his daughter's life (Mark 5:22-43). In fact, Mary is never even mentioned in the slightest way when other people were raised from the dead by Jesus (Lk. 7:11-15; John 11:39-44), whole crowds of people were miraclously healed from blindness, being crippled, etc. (Mt. 15:30,31). Jesus is our one mediator (1 Tim. 2:5) and advocate (1 John 2:1), not Mary. Remember how Catholicism has misled hundreds of millions when pondering the wonderful and attention-grabbing miracles of Jesus Christ.

Miracles of Jesus

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