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Many solid arguments are presented by Dan Corner
refuting King James Onlyism as he preaches in a KJV Only church!
The unusual ending will surprise you.

Flash cartoon of King James 1611 KJB

The KJV Only Controversy Rages On

The KJV only controversy rages on to the detriment of Biblical comprehension, as it also fragments the splintered body of Christ even more. The aggressive KJV onlyites continue on with their missing words argument they learned from the handful of leaders who have trained them. Gail Riplinger, an ignorant and irrational leader who has a double standard, has sold her materials to the harm of those who have believed them. The following teachings are factual details related to KJV onlyism you won't readily hear in our day, but they remain truth. These should all be a great blessing to Christians who long to understand the Bible, but have been intimidated by KJV onlyites.

The King James version of the bible is an English TRANSLATION of the bible, based on the Textus Receptus for the NT and the Masoretic text for the OT. It was non-existent until 1611. [The New International version is NOT the bible either. It is also an English TRANSLATION of the bible, but based on different Greek manuscripts.] That being said, the KJV is FILLED with archaic words which are INCOMPREHENSIBLE. Many other words in the KJV which seem understandable actually mean something other than the modern way they are used today, creating confusion and a misinterpretation of God's word for the readers! The English language has changed since 1611 creating those additional serious problems in the KJV. Those issues are almost all non-existent in any modern reputable translation! That certainly excludes the perverted New World Translation, used by the Jehovah's Witnesses. IF you use only the KJV, it will be to YOUR OWN HARM, that is it will impair your comprehension of the scriptures. That in turn can potentially harm such a person in various ways leading to various false and dangerous doctrines.

Thirteen Facts About KJV Onlyism

This brief outline gives facts that the KJV Onlyites will probably never tell you.
A Critique of Gail Riplinger's Scholarship and KJV Onlyism
Many fine Christians read the KJV. However, some people have gone to remarkable extremes in their efforts to exalt the KJV over all other translations. Gail Riplinger, author of New Age Bible Versions, is one such person.
Open letter to a King James Version Only advocate
Should English-speaking people read only the KJV? Doth thou prefereth ye ole King James 1611? (An actual letter which we expanded upon for the WWW.) See also, Understandest what thou readeth?
The Skull and Crossbones Award goes to Gail Riplinger

Gail has preyed upon thousands of trusting-but-gullible people over the years with her strange New Age conspiracy theories connected with and taught through non-KJV Bibles. She has helped shape KJV Onlyism
An email regarding KJV Onlyism

Evangelical Outreach responds.
The King James Only Cult

This letter from a staunch KJV Only proponent reflects how some KJV Onlyites have exalted one's view of the KJV to a salvation issue, which therefore makes it cultic!
The King James Only Cult, II

If you think I'm being too harsh on these KJVO people to say they are in a cult, please ponder this fact - they have exalted the use of the KJV to a salvation issue. Some will openly teach it is, but others do it indirectly and in a way that is not clear to everyone.
My Authorized KJV Poem

In poetic form, the KJB is EXPOSED for what it is. Check this out and share with others.
For KJV Lovers Only

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